Sunday, July 12, 2009

put that thing away

by teresa

Maya's grandparents threw her an Ocean Breeze birthday yesterday.
It was a beautiful day and we all went and celebrated her. Some went swimming and others (me) just chilled under the big umbrellas and enjoyed the show.
I'm not referring to the high dive show....which was pretty good. I'm talking about the show of size (double digit) folks squeezing into size (single digit) bathing suits. And then taking that tightly twisted combo and shooting it down a water slide at 50 mpr.
funny stuff.

We are going back again this week (thanks Eric) and this time I am going in.


Nanny said...

Happy Birthday, Maya. You are so precious and we love you SO MUCH!

Nanny Jackie said...

I've decided there is a severe shortage of mirrors in this country because if some people could see what the look like they would not wear what they wear! It does, however, entertain the rest of us.