Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation Bible School

by teresa

First night of VBS was last night.
The preschool class was an adventure, as expected.
We had 18 kids, but with the hyperness it seemed like 36 kids.
Funny thing heard in the middle of the bible story...."do camels fart?"
Kids...gotta love 'em.

Nick was a praise team helper, so he was on the stage dancing and singing.
What a 180 this kid has had. From introvert to life of the party. I love it!

Ben played a character in a skit during the morning service and then another part in the pm service. I was teaching, but Chris said he looked so comfortable in front of all those people. He had lots of lines to memorize and performed them with lots of expression. I see an academy award in his future.


Mom said...

Ben did such a great job with the skit. Even Grandaddy commented that he didn't realize Ben could speak so well. And, you're right about Nick. He is not shy at all. Just like Lauren.

Nanny Jackie said...

Yesterday was one of those days when I really wish I was still at Parkway with all of you!!!!

Katy said...

All I have to say about our VBS class is....AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHGHGGGGGGGG

Nanny Jackie said...

Katy ... weren't you looking for something free to do? I suppose "free" would depend on what value you place on your sanity, huh?