Thursday, September 03, 2009

don't get cereal in the hot tub!

by teresa

Up by 6:30am.
I have been sleeping so good here.
Once the sun peeks over the dune I am ready to start the day.

I woke Ben and his friend Joe to join me for an early morning boogie boarding session.
They whined about the cold water and only surfed a few waves.
The boards were swapped for a shovel to dig holes and write names in the sand.

Chris joined us on a walk to the end of the beach.
There is a house down there that the ocean is making claim to.
It's up on stilts...but completely surround by water.
Next year I'm sure it will be gone.

The boys greeted a few beach dogs, scooped up some sand fleas and tossed a tennis ball at some irritated sea gulls before making their way in for breakfast.
Captain Crunch and the hot tub.
What a life!

After taking Joe back to his grandparents on the sound side, we took Nick and Ben go-carting. Around and around they went. Bumping and crashing into each other...even though the signs said NO BUMPING ALLOWED! Playtime immitating life.

Tonight's plans?
Who knows?
Beach life is an adventure even without planning for it.

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