Thursday, September 24, 2009

tids and bits

by teresa

I can not think of what to make on Saturday night.
Tailgating with the boys.
We've done hot dogs, brats, burgers and wings.
Maybe some bbq sandwiches...I just don't know.
Any suggestions?
I am making a sweet treat I found in a new cookbook.
Marshmallows dipped in melted caramel, then rolled in rice krispies. Sounds so yummy and I know the boys will love them.
I looked at the weather channel and the HIGH for Saturday is 72. Thank you Lord. Now if the humidity is under 50% me and my hair will be in good shape.

I ran to Ben's school for a couple of things this morning. From this class to that one...the library and the office.
When I got home I realized the zipper on my pants was busted. Great. I had also wore ripped elastic band, everything else is in the wash underwear. So, not only were my pants gaped open....there were long, twisted elastic threads hanging out. Again...great. Nothing like flashing your kids friends and teachers to really seal the deal for mother of the year.


Nanny Jackie said...

You can bring some of those marshmellow things by my house before the game. I would ask for left overs, but, I know how that would go.

Mom said...

BBQ chicken sounds good.