Friday, September 11, 2009

miss you

by teresa

This is a re-post of my entry on September 11th 2007. Little did I know how much it would mean later that day.

I can't believe six years has passed. Can you?
You never know when your time here on Earth is going to be over.
Make God first in your life.
Talk with him each morning.
Be kind to all people (even your kids...when they are being brats).
Be a light to all(this little light of mine...I'm going to let it shine).
Remember praise...don't pout.
Give more than you get.
Be thankful.
Make a difference.
This is the day that the Lord has made....let us REJOICE and be glad in it!

That is all I can muster up to say today.


Mom said...

I'm really missing him, too. Two years and it still feels like he was here yesterday. I'll be taking some new flowers to the cemetery today before I go to Grandaddy's house.

katy said...

I'm missing him so much! I was listening to his CD yesterday and the song "Buela Land" came on. I just pictured him grinning up in heaven...being as happy as he can be. So hard on days like these, but it's amazing how God can buffer the grief. Thank you Jesus for comforting my family on this day.

katy said...

"Buelah Land"

Anonymous said...

You had no idea...but God did and he was using you as a vessel. We never know when our profound thoughts are meant for others or for us! Bless you Katy and Karen! It never gets easier...just peace seems to settle in! Love you! Brenda

Watkins said...

We both lost our parents that Sept and we comforted each other just by being there in our silent grief. I miss my mom every day. Love you Teresa.