Sunday, September 13, 2009

the highlight of my night was the brawl over the foam finger in the third quarter *sarcasm*

by teresa

We had a blast at the ODU game last night.
Second game of the season..we are now 2 and 0.
It's unlike any other game I have ever been too.
Three hours of tailgating and then 20,000 other fans cheering and clapping.
Intense experience.
The boys are really enjoying it (especially the tailgating).
Grilled brats, wings, hot dogs and burgers....whats not to love?
We have a little friendly community going in our parking lot (season ticket holders were assigned certain parking lots to party in). Corn hole, football, tents, rvs, grills and coolers everywhere.
Can't wait to go back in two weeks (next week is an away game).

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