Monday, September 21, 2009

get that weak mess outa here!

by teresa

We had a great Saturday.
The weather was perfect for our soccer and baseball games.
I can't wait until that fall chill is in the air everyday.
Ben's team won 6 to 0. It was so exciting.
He is now the defense captain....and nothing gets past him.
I never thought I would get more excited about steals than scoring points.
He did get a couple of fouls...but when you are using your body to back a player down from the ball...the whistle is going to get blown a few times. There were no yellow cards, so that's good.
You wouldn't think those dimples could be so tough...but they are!


Nanny Jackie said...

It is too funny to see sweet, cute Ben get tough. Looks CAN deceive.

Mom said...

It was a GREAT game. What time is the next one?