Tuesday, September 08, 2009


by teresa

The day after Labor day has arrived.
The showers (the actual showers and not the pool) are going early today.
I think I inhaled so much Axe this morning, it may stunt my growth.
The boys are very thorough with their body spray.
Beds and lunches are made.
I even tucked a cute lunchbox note in each bag.
Butterflies are flittin' in tummies and the momma is happy.
It's day one...the boys were up very early...bright eyed and bushy tailed (what the heck does that mean).
I bet tomorrow I am already having to drag them out of bed.
I wish it wasn't raining so we could get proper pictures under the family tree.
What will I do today?
Plan the months menu, entertain the cable guy (stupid cox), laundry and a quick meeting at Ben's school (pta stuff).


Nanny Jackie said...

I want to hear more about entertaining the cable guy :)

Mom said...

Those lunchbox notes are really great. I know the kids loved them.

Tall stuff said...

...um...stunt your growth? hmmm