Monday, September 28, 2009

he's so quirky

by teresa

Every morning Nick brews some hot chocolate and leaves for school with a travel mug. It is so funny and dorky. I love it. I giggled as he was walking in to school this morning. He looked so cute (Katy did his hair this morning) and he was sporting his new kicks (that's shoes for all you old folks) and carrying a big coffee mug. He is unique.

The reason Katy did his hair this morning is because she cut his hair like Moe (3 stooges) the other day (for picture day no less). He got joked and begged her to cut some more off. She refuses, siting his big head as a reason for not wanting to go any shorter. She explained to him that if he would just style it...the cut would be perfect. To demonstrate this, she had him come over early this morning so she could *szuzsh* it into place. I gotta looked great. The only problem is I am not into early morning szuzshing...and I don't see him doing it by himself. So she better just trim it up or I am sending him over every morning at 6:45am for hair and grooming.
Seriously...his hair looked like this...only puffy.


Sterling Dawn said...

make sure you send him with some chocolate can ruin a kid's breath! and we all know he's going to start impressing the ladies soon!!

Karen said...

Hey Sterling. . .
We should have let you cut his hair. Then he would have looked like Curly.

katy said...

That picture made me weak! hahahahahahahahaha! I started laughing so loud that Kaden (while trying to go to bed) woke up and wanted to know what was wrong with me.