Wednesday, January 06, 2010

anything for peace and harmony

by teresa

Oh my goodness, is it cold.
I don't think we have had temps. this low, for this long, in years.
Hopefully we will get some snow out of it.
I actually bought gloves. And wear them. With a coat and scarf.
If you know know that's not the norm. Even in the dead of winters, my cold weather garb usually consists of some kind of sweatshirt/turtleneck/jacket combo. Never a coat and gloves.
I did get the most fabulous scarf in the obx this summer and I have been happy to add it to the mix.

I finished the boys room yesterday. Bunk beds back together, toy bins cleaned out, walls washed and bedding cleaned. It is such a huge room with the beds together. The boys were thrilled and spent most of the night up there, together, not yelling, breaking things or throwing shoes at each other. It was a miracle. A miracle that took me 7 hours, two broken finger nails, a bruised foot, a ripped bra strap (don't ask), 3 Tylenol and a tack in my foot to complete. It was well worth it.

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Jackie Barham said...

LOL. The price a Mom will pay for peace in the home.