Tuesday, January 26, 2010

exam week

by teresa

I am being so mean!
At least that's what Nick says.
Or maybe he just called me ridiculous.
Why, you ask?
Because I am making him study for exams this week.
I know...I'm horrible...right?
He comes down and sits by me on the couch...la-dee-da...like I didn't just threaten his life if he didn't crack open his science book two minutes earlier.
When I request that he return to his room, he looks at me with shock and awe.
"What mother dearest....you didn't request for me to lounge beside you on the couch for awhile (so I can secretly check the bball scores on ESPN when you get up to go to the bathroom)?"

Teenagers...you can't live with them...you can't live without them (who would cut your grass?)

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Mom said...

Who would cut your grass? That's funny.