Wednesday, January 20, 2010

work in progress

by teresa

I'm getting there.
The boys room is done.
Lauren's new room (downstairs office) is done.
Nick's new room is about 10% done.
All the old furniture is emptied and Lauren's things are in one of four places. Downstairs put away, in the trash , stored for future use in the attic or dropped off at goodwill. I have called for a bulk pickup, so tomorrow her and I will move all the furniture to the curb. Then I will assess the damage to the carpet and walls. I'm pretty sure the carpet will need to be replaced. In case I have not mentioned it recently, Lauren is a slob. So any room she has lived in, especially for the past 10 years, will need some major overhauling. And since I don't think hot pink and purple are Nick's colors...the walls will need painting. least favorite thing to do.
The next month or so should be exhausting, but the end result will be wonderful.
Three kids, in three rooms, with as little interaction with each other as I can possibly manage.


Watkins said...

We painted Jamie's room this weekend. The hard part is going through all the stuff and deciding what is going back in and what to toss. We hate throwing things away. We are packrats.

Jamie is starting a read-a-thon on Monday. Any advice? I know Ben won his school prizes in the past.

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