Friday, January 29, 2010

is it or isn't it?

by teresa

I think it might happen.
We haven't had snow accumulation in this area of Va. in years.
The weatherman is calling for up to 15inches.
The kids are bursting with anticipation (and don't even get me started on the hubby).
It better happen.
I bought a lantern (in case of power outage), cute polka dotted boots and pulled out all our hats/gloves/scarves from the hall closet.
Bring it on!

After I posted this I remembered the last time it snowed. I looked outside and saw my daddy walking house to house with his big broom and shovel. He was wearing his blue, lined jumpsuit over his clothes and he was shoveling all the neighbors walkways and sweeping the snow from all our cars. I have this on video somewhere, I think. When he noticed me taping him he laughed and made faces and told me to get back in the house or he was telling Chris (because I was out with no coat and he figured his tattling would get me in trouble).

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Mom said...

Memories are such great treasurers. Thank you God.