Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a long weekend

by teresa

We had a three day weekend, thanks to MLK.
Lots of Upward basketball, a couple of indoor soccer games, ODU played and I had book club. So pretty much from the early am to late pm, we were surrounded by laughter, squeals and excitement. Yesterday, we took the boys bowling. They played three games and Ben won two of them (with no bumpers). He has the ugliest throw, but it goes right down the middle nine times out of ten. He admitted to us he says (in his head), "ashes ashes they all fall down", as he approaches the lane and releases the ball. Too funny. Two games came down to the final frame, with Nick and Ben splitting the victories. The third game looked like the Vikings vs Cowboys game this weekend (34 to 3). Ben had 117 and I don't think Nick made it out of the 40's. Poor Nicky.
Nick spent some late night hours over George and Jackie's, Sunday and Monday night, watching 24. He loves hanging with his grandad and is now hooked on the series for life. I hope George doesn't have plans on Monday nights from now until season end.
Ben's indoor team won 14 to 4 on Saturday. Ben came out of defense long enough to score one of those goals. It is so fun to watch them play. Hopefully this weekends opponents will give the boys a great challenge.
The only update I have about Lauren is, she got her hair cut and colored. I only saw her for a minute and a half the entire weekend. She rushed by us with her coat on heading to work.
(This picture is from Christmas. I just wanted you to see her cute coat. I love it!)

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