Tuesday, January 05, 2010

trading spaces

by teresa

In the process of moving spaces around.
From one closet, to garage and attic spaces...from one room into two rooms. I've been tackling one space each day.
At the end of it all...the boys will be separated and Lauren will be residing in the office/bedroom downstairs. We had an epiphany the other night. Why does the person who is here the least, have the largest room in the house? So Lauren has been downgraded. Well, not yet...but it's coming. Slowly, but surely. Today's project? Putting the boys bunkbeds back together. It will give Ben more room and Nick will get sissy's bed once he claims that space. What will sissy sleep on? Her and I looked online at some foldaway options and she is actually happy about decluttering and organizing her life.

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Jackie Barham said...

Looks like the master of organization (you) figured this one out nicely.