Thursday, July 19, 2012

"For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it's always ourselves, that we find at the sea." E.E. Cummings

Heading to the beach in the morning with Ben and Kristian. After vbs today, she came over to spend the night. We will leave early enough to get a good parking spot...long before the shoobies show up and lay claim to the beach. I will read (an actual paper book...gasp), people watch and listen to my ipod. Ben and Kristian have informed me that they are renting one of those double bikes to ride down the boardwalk. This cracks me up! It's midnight and I am in bed, reading, facebooking and blogging (Chris is snoring beside me). I can hear the two of them squealing and laughing, like Larry The Cable Guy is putting on a show in Bens room. I think they are making videos with his iPod. I love that they are best friends. The energy produced when the two of them get together could power ten prius' for a month. Oh to be young again. The only problem is, the things you find hilarious at 13 are the things that annoy you the most at 41. Spills on the carpet. Farts (and or burps) at the dinner table. Breaking furniture. Waking your parents at 2:00am to ask where your (insert random object) is. Ben and Nick will be gone all weekend. Ben leaves for an Ocracoke vacation with the Matthews family for a week and Nick is going camping with the youth group till Monday. What in the world will we do in the house, all alone? I get Bens room! Xbox, big screen tv and a bed to myself (did I mention the snoring?). Just kidding (or am I?)

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Mom said...

Maybe Kaden will pop over and surprise you (lol).