Sunday, July 08, 2012

Watch our mouth young lady!

It has been so hot this week. Over 100 degrees, most days. Can't wait for the storm to come tomorrow and bring the temps back in the 80's. Even the pool is not refreshing. Like bath water...blah. Uncle Jim, Beth and the boys came for the day. We talked, went to Jimmy's for lunch and came back and swam for a few hours, before they headed back home. Katy and Mike brought King and Vin, who will be two at the end of the summer. Kingston was jumping in over and over again...he is quite the daredevil. Gavin was a bit more cautious than his brother,preferring to run around outside the pool instead. All the big kids were at their dads this weekend...missed them. Maya's 5th birthday is next week and I can't believe how big she is getting. Chris picked up a Hello Kitty doll, dressed in an ODU tshirt, at the book store this week. I know she will love it, since she is a big Hello Kitty fan. I think her 4th birthday had a Hello Kitty theme. The only problem was, up until a couple months ago, she had problems with her K's. She would call Kaden..Taden. She would say I tan't, instead of I can't. So just imagine, when she would excitedly show you her Hello Kitty purse, or shirt or toy...what she would call it? Sooooo funny. Of course the big kids (and Chris) got a kick out of making her repeat herself over and over.

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