Thursday, July 05, 2012

Superheroes don't wear capes...they drive Hondas

By Teresa We had a fairly peaceful fourth of July, today. No company or cookouts. Just me, Chris and Ben, eating some baked chicken I cooked, swimming and watching movies. Lauren and Nick both had to work. Tonight, after he got home from work, I heated Nick up a plate of food. Shorty, our resident table beggar, was at Nick's feet, waiting for crumbs and drips. Also, when we have chicken, he is extra attentive. The dog is chicken crazy. He will bark and whine when I cook it. Nick finished, tossed the remains in the trash and went to relax on the couch. About one minute later, we heard a bang. I knew immediately what the sound was...the trash can hitting the floor. Sorty...lured by the aroma of chicken, rummaging through the debris, grabbing a hunk and running away with it. We chased him through the house, to no avail. He had swallowed it in a hurry, to keep us from taking it back. And yes, it was stuck...and stuck good. The gagging was horrible, as he went from room to room, trying to get away from us. We opened the back door and out he went. It was 10:30, Ben was spending the night at moms and Chris had already gone to bed. Nick and I were freaking out (we are not the best under pressure) and could not get the chicken out. Even after being bit several times, Nick still tried his best to help his long time buddy get his breathe. It was no use. Shorty staggered, fell in Nick's arms and died. It was so sad. Nick cried and called out for me to help...but there was nothing I cold do. I ran in, and yelled up to Chris to wake up and help us. He came down pretty quickly, despite the fact that he had been asleep two minutes earlier. He went outside and found Shorty lying in the yard. Gone. He went to work, resuscitating him, he stuck his hand down his throat and pulled out the chicken. He did chest compressions, got the hose and sprayed in Shorty's mouth and over his head. He worked on him for awhile...and he came back to life. It was amazing. Nick was so happy to have his friend back. Chris said, "poor short...if I had been out of town, he would be dead and gone". He is right too, Nick and I had written him off. Thank you dad! He also said, "if I am ever choking...please don't stop trying!".


Dotwigg said...

WOW. Thank goodness Chris was able to revive the dog. So glad this had a happy ending.

Stephanie said...

OMG I did not see that coming, I am sitting here in tears just imagining what was going through Nick's mind. Thank God Chris was home. Wow, amazing.

Gidget said... was heart breaking seeing my son(all six foot one of him) screaming and shaking that lifeless body. We have had Short for twelve years (he is 14) and we know he is old and his time with us will end soon, but it would have been too horrible to lose him in that way.