Sunday, November 30, 2008

It is finished

by teresa

We've had a nice post thanksgiving weekend.
A little shopping, but mostly hanging around the house watching college football and decorating the tree. We are now officially done decorating. I know this...because Ben declared it last night when he layed the last string of white lights he could find on the tiny bushes lining the side of our yard.
It is finished.
He and I also had fun putting up the tree in the living room. I did the lights and then he did most of the ornaments (I moved a few here and there after he left the room). We drove over to Hallmark to pick up one new one when we were done. I had seen it in a mailer....a snowman, clad in an apron, standing over a grill with burgers. He is smiling and his apron says...grillin' and chillin'. I thought this would be a perfect addition to add in honor of Nick, the family grill master.
Today after church we are tackling the garage. it is usually organized and clean...but since getting out all the decoration boxes and empting their contents anywhere and everywhere, you can't even get out a bike or ball. So that will be our afternoon project. That and watching a ton of good football. Oh yeah...and I also promised to watch Moonlight and Mistletoe with Ben today. We dvr'd it on the Hallmark channel last night. It looks pretty cute.

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Watkins said...

We got our tree yesterday and decorated it tonight. Jamie has a small one in her room and she "borrowed" some ornaments to put on her tree - tomorrow. The hours go by too fast. Still need to unpack our special Christmas music boxes! Slow but steady!