Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 more days left

by teresa

The school year is wrapping up and I am so glad.
I tallied the last of the FarmFresh/Campbells/BoxTops receipts at Ben's school today.
We made a tidy sum this year (patting myself on the back). I am SO glad someone else has this job next year.
My last PTA board meeting for Nick's school is tonight.
He moves on to the High School next year and I will be an observer and encourager instead of a leader when it comes to the PTA there.
Lauren is out of school for the summer and working at the Olive Garden. She's all about making the money. She even went with a friend to look at a duplex last night. Ben asked if he gets straight A's on his report card can his reward be to make Lauren move so he can get her room. Sibling love at it's finest.
Our summer calendar is already filling up. Soccer camps, beach vacation and teen camp. Nick may even be a counselor for a week for the little kids camp. I am looking forward to sleeping in, staying up late, night swims and no homework.

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Anonymous said...

I miss not knowing when school is out. I have to go to the school websites to check it out, when I used to know it off the top of my head. Sometimes I miss my kids not being in school, but I do not miss the homework and the whining about getting up!