Monday, May 11, 2009

reading is good

by teresa

Spring Book Fair begins today at Ben's school.
It's a buy on get one sale.
Lord help me restrain myself.
I am heading it up and the kids (Ben and Kristian) are super excited. Like I'm gonna give them freebies or something.
This book fair is my favorite cause it's all about getting books in the kids hands...not making money. We actually make zero profit.

I will take our book club book (Gardenia's For Breakfast) to pass the time. It's this weekend and I haven't read a page yet. I was a little caught up with the Twilight Sagas last week. Around 2,500 pages in one week(why did I not have this discipline in school). I finished book four last I can pour into something new now. Chris wants me to read some Doris Kearns Goodwin novel about FDR...we shall see. I'm a little more partial to fiction, but he swears it's a good read.

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Mom said...

I left the book on the kitchen counter for you since I knew you'd want to start reading it.