Tuesday, May 05, 2009


By Chris

Kaden (my pre-k niece) is a nut. A smart, crazy nut. Some things she's done to \ with me just recently:

- She always comes in wanting something. Usually food . . . candy specifically. So, couple of days ago, I started making her say thank you to secure her treats. . . she's already caught on. With me anyway. Smart.

- Last night, at her brother's baseball game, she came running up to me with an umbrella . At one point I grabbed it and wrapped it all up so she wouldn't poke me. She tried to snatch it from me. I wouldn't let go. LET GO!!!! LET GOOO!!! she screamed and pulled. "I can't. You're gonna fall if I let go while your pulling." LET GOOO. STOP. LET GOOO. NOWW." "Fine," I said . . . and let go. She fell on her butt, and cried real loud. Every mommy around gave me the evil eye (you know ... it's the ones that say: how could you do that to such a sweet little girl? You hurt her feelings. I wish someone would push you down in the mud!!). I thought about explaining to all of them how smart and evil this child can be, and that they were just falling for her tricks. But, how would that sound? Which, all added up, means I got outsmarted in the end by the little devil. She also ran and told her nanny on me, and talked me into getting her a popsicle from the concession stand. So, she got exactly what she wanted in the end. She is just thoughtful enough to have planned it all out, I think. After she got the popsicle . . . she came up and said . . . . "thank you!!" , and smiled. Ohh. She's good.


Karen said...

She got to you, didn't she?

Nanny Jackie said...

I don't know what you're talking about ... she is so cute when she runs to greet us all smiles and sweetness.

Anonymous said...

Thats right Teresa! She plans it! I know it!