Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hello . . .Anybody Home?

By Chris

Geesh. Bloggin' momma is slackin' off. Guess I better update, or a whole two days of life at the Greens will go undocumented.

It's a soccer tournament weekend. One of three games down. Ben's team lost game one, which hasn't happened in a while. Don't tell him, but it's probably good for him.

Nick's friends picked him up and headed to the beach early this morning. He's officially a teenager. That's weird.

There was lots of excitement early this morning. The reason: yard sale across the street. Nick and Ben LOOVVVEEE yard sales. I don't get it. They get it from their Nanny Allen. I saw her make at least two trips, and I'm pretty sure she was as excited as the boys. Ben and Nick went in the morning. Then, after Ben got home, the first thing he wanted to do was go back to the yard sale. I asked him "you think they got a new shipment , or something?" He's pushing the idea of purchasing a foot soaker. Gross!!!! Who wants a used foot soaker? Hey, while you're at it, see if they have any tooth brushes or combs. It makes me itchy thinking about it.


Nanny Jackie said...

lol ... I've got a couple of toothbrushes I'll give you for free. George thinks it's disgusting that I buy clothes at thrift and consignment stores.

Karen said...

I love getting good deals at yard sales and thrift stores. I don't mind used clothes at all.