Friday, May 22, 2009

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother

by teresa

I have mosquito bites from head to toe.
Relaxing in the hammock watching the kids play soccer in the backyard and didn't even realize I was attacked.
It makes for a really bad night sleep.
I need to buy some bug spray.....or wear a ski suit the next time I want to use my mother's day present.

After I get the kids to school, I will be packing Ben's suitcase up for his long weekend away.
My best PTA buddy, Patty, invited Ben to join her family in the Outer Banks for the long memorial day weekend. Her son Anthony has been B's friend since kindergarten, and Ben is so excited to go.

Last night, Nick and I were up watching tv. A commercial came on...I think it was a pepper grinder ad. Anyway, the mom is cooking and needs to add pepper. She looks around and it is no where to be found. Then it cuts to a shot of the little girl pretend cooking with it in her room (kind of a tea party thing set up). The mom calls out something sweet like (honey...have you seen the pepper?) and the girl rushes to the kitchen to add it herself. Everyone is smiling and huggy. Nick looks at me and says,"that is so not realistic." He asks me what I would do if I couldn't find my pepper while cooking. We laughed...because we know what I would do. "NICK...DID YOU TAKE MY DANG PEPPER!?" "DON'T GO TOUCHING MY STUFF!" "AND GET THE HECK OUT OF MY KITCHEN WHILE I'M COOKING...YOU KNOW I DON'T LIKE AN AUDIENCE!" "CAN'T I JUST HAVE TEN SECONDS TO MYSELF WITHOUT YOU GUYS BREATHING DOWN MY NECK?"
We laughed and tried to think of all the other false advertising commercials out there. Where they do NOT show what a real mom would do.
Like the paper towel ads. The mom is standing there letting a two year old pour a glass of milk out of a full carton. It goes aaallll over the floor. She smiles and grabs the bounty. NOT!

Can you think of anymore?


Mom said...

We need to plant some marigolds out there by your hammock to repel the mosquitoes.

kristi said...

I know it, right???
I like the Sonic commercials, she always looks like she wants to slap him. I can empathize!