Tuesday, May 26, 2009

who did these kids get all the smarts from ?

by teresa

Here's some pictures of Ben being presented the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence.
The children who scored perfect on their SOL's were honored.
Kristian also earned the award and we were so proud of her too.
Ben was very excited that it was signed by his main man Barack.
If you remember back to November, you will know that Ben was all about Barack Obama winning the election. So this certificate and title is very special to him. After the presentations the kids fielded questions from the third graders about moving up to a new school (ie...how much homework will we have, are there bullies, are the teachers nice, what did you do to score perfect on the test). Ben raised his hand for every question asked. That boy loves to hear himself speak.


Nanny Jackie said...

WOW! Impressive! If he likes to hear himself speak he's like Barack. Difference is that Ben actually has something original to say.

Karen said...

Right on, Jackie!

Greens said...

From Ben's perspective, he's 11, so the current President marked the first time he could actually understand what his President was saying. :)) Agreeing with it, well that's something for later.


Greens said...

Dad...he's 10.