Tuesday, May 12, 2009

who says there's no prayer in schools?

by teresa

Had a kid come in the bookfair today and ask if we had any books on witchcraft.
Umm,"what", I asked?

The two ladies working with me looked stunned.

I told her..."no....but I can get you a book about Jesus."
She looked at me with confusion and asked...."who's that?"

"Jesus", I said.

"What's that?"

Then she shook my question off and inquired if we had any Hannah Montana books.

What in the world?
I found out her name is Stephanie.
Join me in prayer for Stephanie and her family.
She may not know him (Jesus)...but he sure knows her.
It is my mission to speak to this kid and plant some nugget of this fact in her mind/heart every chance I get before the end of the school year.


Nanny Jackie said...

Oh my! You have an incredible Mission Field right there at the schools. I know there are lots of people right here in our own backyard who have never heard about Jesus, but, I am still shocked when I read a story like this one. It also makes me realize what a slacker I am about being proactive in spreading the gospel. YOU GO GIRL!

Mom said...

I'll pray for Stephanie and I know that God will prepare her heart to receive what you plant.