Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's 10:00pm...and still no baby

by teresa

Baby Gabriel is still enjoying mommy Amber's warm, comfy accomodations.
It's looking like he may be a March baby after all.

Baby update

by teresa

I've been talking (via text messages) to Mary last night and this morning.
As of 12:30pm they still hadn't given Amber the pitocin. Just some of that cervix softener.
The Harry Potter fest hasn't begun yet. I guess they are saving it for the "real fun".
She is having some mild contractions though. So keep praying for her (and grandma).....cause I bet it's going to be a looong night.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

by teresa

Just got in from soccer.
I found the pump and blew up all the balls.
But I couldn't find the whistle. I think it is in Chris' car (which is at the airport).
I went to three different stores to buy a new one. They were all out! One helpful (teen airhead) did try to sell me a lanyard though. I was like...."uhhh...I don't need the lanyard unless I have the whistle to put on it". She "okay" (all ditsy like) and then flitted back to the counter to apply more lip gloss.
Real helpful.
So with no whistle I spent the hour screaming from one side of the field to the other to get the kids(17 of them)attention.
I now have no voice.
I also had to have a talk with the parents at the beginning of practice to go over a new "conduct contract" that the city parks and recreation created. Every parent and player has to sign it and abide by it. How sad that it has come to this. You actually have to sign a contract promising not to curse at, drink alcohol around or use rude gestures at the players, coaches or officials.
How different it has been coaching Upward basketball. Where we pray in and out of each game. Have a halftime devotion. And give out awards like...most Christlike and best effort and best show of sportsmanship.
I am so excited.
My bestest friend Mary is going to be a first time grandma sometime tomorrow. Her daughter Amber is being admitted in the hospital tonight and induced in the morning. Mary is her labor coach since Amber's hubby Rueben is in Iraq. Keep her in your prayers....especially you mommas who read my blog. We all know how unexpected and overwhelming those labor pains are your first time around. You can never really prepare yourself. But I know having her wonderful mom by her side will be of great comfort. Amber...if you happen to read this...I got three words for ya.
Also...they have planned a Harry Potter Movie Fest to make labor a little more exciting. They are bringing a portable DVD player and HP 1-4.
I am so copying this idea in four months when Katy is in labor.

feeling deflated

by teresa

Not much time to blog lately.
Busy around here with cleaning, shopping and chauffeuring the kids between the three sports going on simultaneously.
I am pooped!
Chris is in Atlanta so I will be running soccer practice alone tonight.....and I just remembered that we (Chris) forgot to blow up all the balls this weekend.
I sure hope I can find the pump around here somewhere.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gentlemen...start your engines!

by teresa

The pinewood derby was a big success. Lots of kids and lots of families came out to have lunch and participate in the races. Three hours of races! As a spectator I thought it would never end. But the kids....they couldn't get enough of it. Ben came in 3rd in his age group (even got a trophy). Poor Nick...he had a good time...but walked away with no trophy. He was a little bummed after spending so much time getting his car just right....and his brother spending all of 3o minutes total working on his and winning a prize. Somehow...that's always how it works out around here.
Here's some of my favorite pictures of the boys.

I am so blessed

by teresa

by Martina McBride

I get kissed by the sun each morning
Put my feet on a hardwood floor
I get to hear my children laughing
Down the hall through the bedroom door
Sometimes I sit on my front porch swing
Just soaking up the day
I think to myself, I think to myself
This world is a beautiful place

I have been blessed
And I feel like I’ve found my way
I thank God for all I’ve been given
At the end of every day
I have been blessed

With so much more than I deserve
To be here with the ones that love me
To love them so much it hurts
I have been blessed

Across a crowded room,
I know you know what I’m thinking
By the way I look at you
And when we’re lying in the quiet
and no words have to be said
I think to myself, I think to myself
This love is a beautiful gift
Chris and I had a date night.
It was long over due.
We dined at Imperial Palace. This place is so nice...the booths have curtains that close you in. A sweet old lady (who Chris had to help up from her seat) grabbed my arm, smiled and told me..."you look just like my daughter". She looked about 75 and she was dropped off at the curb by a lady who looked about 65. They ate and chatted a few boths behind us. I said to Chris that I could imagine that as me and Katy in 40 years.
Afterward we drove to his work so he could show me some new artwork that had been put up since my last visit.
Then off to Starbucks for a vanilla frappucchino and a mocha latte.
One the way home we gave a homeless man (he had a sign that read homeless and hungry) money.
By the time we got home (around 9:30.....I know...we are SUCH party animals) Nick was sound asleep. Lauren was sitting with him...and Ben was spending the night at a friends.
We took mom and dad our doggie bags (mom loves Imperial Palace) and sat and visited for a few minutes.
We came in...layed on the couch and watched a little tv then we went up to bed and read until we fell asleep.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Picture Pages, Picture Pages / Open up your Picture Pages / Time to let The Green's do a Picture Page with you!

by teresa

Lauren, Nick, Ben and their friends had fun playing Twister Moves yesterday afternoon.

Here's some pictures of the boys painting their pinewood derby cars.

Don't you just love Nick's new shirt?
It was tailored made for him!

Pictures of the kids jumping rope.

And last but not least....a picture that is rarer than a shot of Saskwatch!
Lauren and Nick hugging!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The belly rules the mind

by teresa

I hate being the food police!
I feel like I'm constantly on the kids...chasing them out of the kitchen.
"Who's in the kitchen?"
"Get out of the kitchen!"
"Whatcha doing in that kitchen?"
God knows I need someone policing me sometimes...STOP and back away from the fudge strip cookies (oh the delicious elfin magic!)
Why do I need to put a locked door on the kitchen you ask?
Because they don't make wise decisions when it comes to eating.
Not really what they are's how much they are eating.
And it doesn't matter that I buy healthy food either.
Instead of downing a bag of chips and some cookies....they are eating four granola bars, three bran muffins, two bananas and a go-gurt.
No control....none at all!
I was upstairs putting away clothes this morning.
I heard (I have superhuman mom ears) the cabinet in the kitchen squeak.
"Uhhh...I'm just getting some cereal" he said.
"Okay...I'll be down in a minute" I said.
I figured he couldn't do too much damage. I recently bought those individually packed variety cereals. And not the sugary pack either. Because one kid would open it up...and hide all the fruit loops and sugar smacks and just leave the cheerios or special K for the others. I found a variety pack that is all healthy choices. I figured they could have one box and a banana. They needed these limits because everybody kept filling up my big bowls with cereal. You know...spaghetti sized bowls. They would say..."it's only one bowl of cereal." Those big $4 boxes were only lasting a couple of days.
Anyway...I came downstairs as he was coming up to get in the shower. I went in the kitchen and there were crumbs all over the counter. Muffin crumbs. I figured he had changed his mind and had a muffin instead. I brushed the crumbly remains in my hand and went to the trash to toss them. I opened it and there were THREE empty cereal boxes inside. Have mercy! Muffins and cereal.
It's not just Nick either. If I find one more Nutrigrain bar wrapper in the treasure box under Ben's bed I'm going to scream.
I'm installing security cameras and laser alarms later today.
It's not just for the kids sake...but also for my grocery budget!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Ever notice that even the busiest people are never too busy to tell you just how busy they are”

by teresa

Last night was the soccer draft. I went alone since it was ODU's last home game of the season. Chris and Nick attended the game (Lauren took Ben to dinner and church) and I went to the draft and the grocery store.
We got a couple of kids from seasons past...which is always good since they are already familiar with your coaching style...and you are already aware of their skills. We have sixteen kids...eight boys and eight girls. We have never had that many girls (every team had that many). I think that's great. Our practices begin next week(mon,fri,sat). It will be pretty busy around here for awhile since it will overlap with basketball for the next three weeks. And don't forget karate...somehow we need to sandwich the boys karate classes in there too.

So...did anybody watch American Idol last night? I thought it was way better than Tuesday nights(the boys) show. I already have favorites.
Jordan Sparks
Sabrina Stone
Melinda Dolittle
and the amazing Lakisha Jones (full figured, single mom...she is my favorite)
AJ Tabaldo
Chris Sligh
Phil Stacey
Blake Lewis

I look forward to tonight's elimination episode.

We were up late last night talking and laughing with Lauren. She purchased a new memory card for her phone this week...and loaded it with hundreds of songs. The most eclectic mix of music you will find anywhere. Chris, Lauren and I were jammin out to Space Cowboy (Steve Miller 1969). That is the funniest(stupidest) song. We kept lip syncing that part that goes.."Some people call me Maurice" *wheerwheer* I thought I would cry from laughing so hard. She also has Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis, Beyonce,etc.

Tonight Chris is taking the boys to buy paint and stickers for their pinewood derby cars(they traced and cut them out a few weeks ago). The race is Sunday afternoon at church. Our church hosts the Royal Ranger pinewood derby each year. I will make sure to post pictures of the finished cars.

I am so stuffy. I blew my nose yesterday...and you can't even imagine the volume of "yuck" that came out of me. I swear once I was done I had shrunk an inch!

I have a question. I washed and dried some clothes that had an ink pen in one of the pockets. It burst and is all over the light colored clothes. Are they ruined...or do you have some ingenious Martha Stewart solution for how to get the stains out?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I've been tagged!

Lisa tagged me with this A to Z homemakers meme...
Aprons - Y/N If Y what does your favorite look like? -'s blue. and I'm so shorty that it's past my knees.
Baking - Favorite thing to bake? - cinnamon muffins. It makes the house smell good for the whole day.
Clothesline - Y/N - Nope. I'm a dryer woman
Donuts - Have you ever made them? - no...but I have seen them made at Krispy Kreme
Everyday - One homemaking thing you do everyday? - make the beds ... before I do anything...I MUST MAKE THE BEDS!!
Freezer - Do you have a separate deep freeze? - the garage. But we hardly ever put anything in it except for Popsicle's in the summer time
Garbage Disposal - Y/N - no. well....does my dog count?
Handbook - What is your favorite homemaking resource? - My friends blogs
Ironing - Love it or hate it? -hate it! Never gonna happen! Can you say dry cleaners?
Junk drawer- Y/N - Where is it? - no junk drawers here. Everything in it's place...that's what I always say.
Kitchen - Color and decorating scheme? - wood trim...paneling half way up...cream accent border and wood trim with pegs at top.
Love - What is your favorite part of homemaking? - to cook a great meal for the family. No diet..low carb mess. Meat, potatoes,biscuits kinda meal. It makes me happy to see them love it.
Mop - Y/N - yes...with a red bucket
Nylons - Wash by hand or in washing machine? - hahahahahaha no.
Oven - Do you use the window to check on things or do you open the door?- both
Pizza - What do you put on yours? - extra cheese and chicken
Quiet - What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? - duh? Blog or READ.
Recipe Card Box - Y/N -yes. But mostly I get stuff off the internet or out of my trusty church cookbook.
Style of house - four bedroom...two bath...two story. Brick with cream siding and greyish blue trim and cranberryish shutters
Tablecloth and napkins - Y/N - Sometimes tablecloth...sometimes just place mats
Under the kitchen sink - Organized or toxic wasteland? - not much under there but extra paper towels, a vase, box of plastic silverware, bag of dish washing tablets and a lunchbox
Vacuum - How many times per week? - twice...unless someone tracks in something
Wash - How many loads per week? - around thirty
X's - Do you make a daily to do list and check it off as you do things? - Yes. I am SOOOO a list person
Yard - Y/N - Who does what? - I plant...Chris mulches...Nick mows...Chris edges and uses blower
Zzz's - What is the last homemaking task you do for the day before you go to bed? - start the dishwasher
If you took the time to read this ...consider yourself tagged!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I love rock n roll. Put another dime in the jukebox baby!

by teresa

The kids are back to school today.
I was supposed to go on a field trip with Ben's class...but Nick is not feeling 100%. And I didn't want to chance being away from the phone all day and have his school call. Chris is in he wouldn't be able to step in.

We spent yesterday vegging on the couch watching movies.
The Ant Bully
The Wild
Open Season
They were all pretty good. Open Season was definitely the funniest.

I finished the book "Water For Elephants" by Sara Gruen. It was so good! It is a book about personal journey, growing up, life and death, poverty and riches, new and old. It is a fascinating story, sweet and funny and sad and loving and tender and smart(and that's just the elephant:) . . . I think it would make a great movie!

I went up to bed last night and Nick had crawled in with Chris. Lord! He hasn't gotten in bed with us in a long time. I tried to move him...then gave up and came downstairs and watched Ugly Betty and Reba online. The season finale of Reba was this I caught up on the last few months of episodes I had missed on YouTube.

I finally did join the guys in bed. There was no budging either of I slept in a 6 inch space at the foot of the bed. And surprisingly...I slept great. Woke up an hour before the alarm...wide awake and refreshed.

Ben (and the rest of us) enjoyed his birthday weekend thoroughly. Fun and food with family and friends. Jackie and George even surprised us Sunday night with an ice cream cake. Good grief! I think that's why we lazed on the couch all day yesterday. We were coming down from our sugar high.

The kids are about to leave for school...and you know what that means.
NO! Not laundry and bed making!
Guitar Hero is calling my name!
Did I mention that Ben got Guitar Hero II for his birthday? (remember Nick got Guitar Hero one for Christmas)
One Hot Momma (that's my bands name) has a gig in Oakland in five minutes.
I rock!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

by teresa

I’m wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday’s done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to us,
More than you can ever know!

Today is Benny's 8th birthday.
The family all went out after church and celebrated with Red Robin burgers and bottomless baskets of fries. mmmmmm
The staff sang to him...tied a balloon to his arm and gave him a free hot fudge sundae.
We plan to continue the celebrating tomorrow (the kids are out of school for presidents day)with a day of movies and a trip to Mt. Trashmore park. I know it's cold...but Ben wants to play with his new ball and practice skating on his heelys.
He was blessed with many, many wonderful and thoughtful gifts. He is also proud to have $170 to spend as he wishes. That's with his Christmas money added in. That kid has a hard time parting with his money. Not like Nick and Lauren...who would spend it an hour after that party was over. Although Lauren is not like that with money anymore since having her job.
Here's some pictures from our afternoon together.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's Ben's party....and I'll cry if I want to.

by teresa

The party went great.

Pizza, Bingo, basketball shooting contest, Pictionary, presents, cupcakes, hot potato, movie, campfire/marshmallow roasting/sing-a-long, night time hide and go seek, guitar hero

I only had to vacuum once during it(can you say...popcorn my living room?)

Lauren helped alot(she ran Simon says, the campfire sing-a-long and took pictures)

Chris hid in the bedroom.

I am exhausted and going to bed.

I will post details and more photos tomorrow when I regain my strength.

Friday, February 16, 2007

by teresa

Poor Nicky. Up late...puking. He also had a fever and spots on his face. That's right...spots. Never seen this before. Once his fever went down they faded a bit. I checked him all over and there is nothing. Just on his cheeks and by his ears. I'm keeping an eye on it. Any thoughts?

I have spent the past six hours since Ben left for school cleaning, laundering, raking (part of the party is in the backyard), gutting the garage of it's clutter(I put eight bags and boxes of junk to the curb this morning), shopping and nursing Nick. I have everything I need except marshmallows. I forgot the stupid marshmallows! We are having a fire and sing-a-long (Laurens friend is coming to play the guitar and lead the kids in songs) and roasting marshmallows at the party. So I must go out again later and pick some up. Unless someone reading this blog right now would like to bring some home. Anyone...anyone...Bueller?

Well I'm off to cut out pieces for the bingo game I made.

Please pray that Nick will fell better and that none of the rest of us gets sick (what a nightmare that would be).

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let's have a party

by teresa

Ben stayed home today. He said he threw up this morning...but I think he just coughed up a little yuckyness from his throat. Whatever...he was so upset...and crying...and complaining of a headache. So I let him stay home. Of course by noon he was bouncing off the walls.

Since I couldn't run around today...I will be busy most of tomorrow getting stuff for his birthday party. I mistakenly put all the invitations into his book bag (we made too many). He came home the other day and said...I gave out the leftover invitations on the bus. So who knows how many kids will be showing up. I was OK with 20 kids....but 30? Yikes. But you know how it is....only half will show up anyway. And out of those...only 5 or so will RSVP. I like to be prepared (goody bags and prizes) so I always have to buy more to accommodate for the kids who just show up at the last minute.

What kind of parties do you usually have for your kids? Do you invite kids from school...or just have family parties? Sleepovers or bowling parties?
With three kids...I've done it all.
Chuckie Cheese
Home party
Pajama party
School friends party
Church friends party
Restaurant party
Family party

I prefer the family only parties. Less stress for mom. But Ben (who hasn't had a kid party since he turned six) wanted the whole shebang.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

His banner over me is love.

"I Love You" photos

My dear friends, let us love one another, since love is from God and everyone who loves is a child of God and knows God. 1 Jn. 4:7

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A story in our newspaper yesterday. It's my grandaddy Dyer!

Tighty Whities in Public, Eeewww

By Chris

As expected, it has been an adventure at the Philly airport. The snow has actually slowed down here for quite a while. It doesn't matter though. The damage has been done. All the planes are in all the wrong places and people, bags and attitudes are piling up quickly. It was a very hopeful start. I arrived and was able to get on the "earlier" flight, due to leave at 1:45. By the time I got to the gate, the sign was reading 3:05. They gave us a story about the plane being stuck in Raleigh, away from the gate, but unable to depart. Now, they're saying it will be 3:30. When was my original flight slated to leave, you aske? 3:50. Ha. Word is that our plane is actually in the are now, so I should make it home. That's much more fortunate than others here. The flight board is full of "CANCELLED" indicators. People are scrambling. A good many of them are yelling at the gate agent. I'm pretty sure that has never, ever worked to get a plane uncancelled or stopped a snowstorm. But, it always happens. People can really "act the fool" in airports, I've learned. Sitting still and watching it all unfold can be fairly entertaining. You watch the person show up, learn there is little chance they will get out today, then get angry, resigned, then panicked (the ones who have checked their bags seem to panic most, because there is never a good answer for where their stuff is now that their flight is canceled. There is no getting it back. And, sometimes, somehow, their stuff can actually make it to their destination without them ???? . . . I never check my bag). Many are surprised to learn that all the hotels are booked too (of course they're booked. ALL those people need to stay somewhere). This gets them angrier, until they "just don't care." That explains the people I'm seeing now with their shoes off, lying on the carpet looking a mess. They just don't care anymore. That's fairly common.

But I just saw something that took just-don't-care to a new, sick level. It happened in the men's room. This dude had his bag open and all kinds of toiletries spread about on a counter, in front of a big 'ol mirror. Water was everywhere and his hair was wet and clean. You could smell powder and cologne. It looked like he just shaved too. His shirt was unbuttoned and wide open showing his belly and chest . . . and HE HAD NO PANTS ON! That's right. Just tighty whities. All in full and panoramic mirror view. And he was not hurrying. Sort of like "yeah, I get nearly naked all the time in restrooms to freshen up. What's the problem." He appeared to be a normal enough guy too. He had a nice business outfit out and set to the side. Weird.

Oh Snow

By Chris

I'm probably in trouble for not writing earlier. I'm supposed to check in here while on the road, you know. Well, I'm fine. I have not fallen down any escalators (sorry) But, I'm not sure when I'll get home. I'm just outside of Philly, and scheduled to fly from there later today, and it's been snowing pretty good for a while now. The people up here are not freaked at all. Office is open. Business as usual. Schools would be closed at home. But, I'm concerned about the flight. They can barely keep on schedule in light rain. Who knows what snow will do. And, there is very important bball game with Nick planned. Uggh.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A Girl Like Me

I thought all of the young girls in this movie were beautiful. The babydoll made me cry. How shocking to me that they would think one doll was uglier than the other. I teared up when the sweet little girl said the one doll was bad....and then said the same doll represented herself.
Lauren never would play with white babydolls. She wanted a black baby...or no baby at all. I remember the Christmas Chris and I scoured Hampton roads for a Baby alive doll. Everyone was out. Chris got a tip from a friend who worked in a toy store that they were getting a shipment in. So we went...and when we got there the woman was so upset and apologetic. She said..."I am so sorry...but all we have left are THESE black baby alives. We said...great! That's what our daoughter wants! She gave me the ugliest face as she handed it over to us.

Does anybody have a tissue? Some chapstick maybe?

by teresa

I am so glad I kept up with the laundry all weekend. Usually I don't....and Monday mornings I am met with a pile as high as my thighs. This morning I only had one tub waiting....what everyone wore yesterday.

Lauren and I stayed up late last night watching a scary movie called Dark Water. Yikes! I don't think I will shower for a week.

Everyone in the Green home has a winter cold. Stuffy, drippy, head achy, scratchy throat. It makes the mornings so enjoyable(you know how stopped up you feel after laying down).
But...cold or has to move forward. Chores have to be done...errands need to be run....blah blah blah. Nick(who is dramatic and whiny beyond measure) stayed home from school today due to his cold. I'm soooooo sick mom. (said in a near death voice) My nose is running and my lips are reeeeealy chapped. I can't go to school. I had him get up, shower, dress, eat breakfast and take some ibuprofen. His ride came...and he wouldn't go. Stood there at the door crying. I waved them away and let him go back to bed. I guarantee he will be down in two hours wanting to play PlayStation and have lunch.

Sometime this week we should find out about the read-a-thon winners. Ben is chomping at the bit to know how he fared.

Ben's 8th birthday is this weekend. I have much planning and shopping to do. He hasn't given us any indication as to what he would like as a gift. Every time I ask he says..."I don't know?"
So I will have to go to toyrus blind and hope for the best. He is having his friend party Saturday and his family party Sunday after church. Two cakes....what a shame.

I finished The Kite Runner. It was very good. Very good. Chris took it on his trip this morning...and I have started a new book. Water For Elephants. I saw it highlighted on The Today show a few months back. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

The dryer just stopped. I will now fold and put away whats in it. And then spend the day reveling in the fact that my hampers are empty. Go me!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Basketball pictures.

I had a wonderful time at the women's book club tonight. Several people were unable to attend...but it was still a great night of fellowship and yummy food (it's always about the food...right?). I can't wait until next months meeting.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Lauren's bag of self esteem

by teresa
Lauren brought home a project they had worked on last semester in teachers training class. They did it at the beginning of the year to get to know each other and to boost each others confidence. I guess this helps them be more sure of themselves when teaching...and interacting with real teachers. Anyway...they were to decorate a bag (their bag of self esteem) with things that they love. Things that define what they are all about. Things that are most important to them. This is what Lauren's looks like. *click to make bigger*

I can see family, friends and church being important. But Hotdogs? Mac' n cheese? American Eagle jeans? MySpace?
Too funny!

Then they write on strips of paper special things about all their classmates....and put the compliments in the other students "self esteem bags". Lauren's comments were..."you have such high energy and you are always laughing and having fun"..."you keep the school pepped up with your smile"..."your funny and the best cheerleader ever"...Lauren you always make me laugh and you are so fun to be with" are confident and funny and have a gorgeous smile"..."your ability to get along with everybody is a quality to be proud of". I'd say they did a pretty good job summing her up.

Good Morning . . .

By Chris

Since Teresa slept on the couch last night (I offered to move Ben, BTW), she left the crack-of-dawn alarm set in the room, telling me to wake her in the morning. Maybe I'm selfish, but why in the world did we both need to wake up? I mean, my only purpose of being awake would be to tell her that the alarm is going off. In my sleepy mind, I was thinking it would be much more efficient to just take the alarm clock down with her. I guess her hands were too full with the fan she took out of the bedroom with her. She can't sleep without that helicopter-like noise. So, morning comes and I actually found a creative wake-up technique. She had the fan plugged into an outlet controlled by a light switch (which was just behinder her head). The fan was sitting across the room, opposite the switch. Off .... on . ... off... on, I switched the fan, until she sat up, looking confused-like at the fan. Hahahaha. It must have seem haunted or something, turning itself off-and-on like that. It didn't even occur to her that I was right behind her at the switch. Finally, she turned, saw me and screamed. Real loud. I scared her. Hehe. There was punishment, though. She made me pick out B's clothes and get him ready for school. But, I am sitting in my office giggling now, so I suppose it was worth it.

Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy

by teresa
It's 1:00am.
I'm stretched out on the couch watching Cosby, and licking a spoonful of cool whip(my third spoonful).
I went up to bed around 11:30pm.
Ben had fallen asleep in there...and him and Chris were all tangled up in the blankets with no room for me.
Instead of trying to lug Ben to his room...I just grabbed my pillow and headed for the couch.
It's real comfy.
The only problem is the proximity to the fridge.
That leftover steak from dinner is calling my name.
Anyone for steak and eggs?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Can Blog Again

By Chris

I'm back in. Since the transition to the new blogger, I have not been successful logging in to get in my two cents; defend myself; clarify . . . and whatever else is useful to do on this thing. Teresa mentioned the new logging in method to me as we sat on the couch as I was watching a basketball game. Well. That was not something that really stuck. I heard it. But, not really.

Don't know why, but this struck me as funny. On my two-hour drive home today, I returned a call from my lovely wife. It went something like:

C: "Hey, I saw you called"

T: "Oh yeah. ODU called. They want you to wear white to the basketball game Saturday. They're having a White Out."

C: "Cool. I know that already from the Internet. It'll be great. We're sold out. Playing VCU. Gotta make sure we have Ben in a white shirt."

T: "He has one of those."

Has my boring life come to this? Alerts about what clothes to wear to a basketball games. I mean, did they call everyone? I thought it was weird earlier in the year when they called me to remind me what time the coming Saturday's game was (since it was not the typical time). I mean, several thousand of us have season tickets. OMG! Am I now on some sad list of the woefully over addicted and supportive donors and season ticket holders? It's also telling that beautiful talented wife knew this was news worth calling about very quickly. I don't really get calls during trips from her about much. Sick kid? That can wait. Bad kid? That can usually be told later. To be clear, it is very important that I know this clothing information. A White Out is reserved for only very important basketball games. It means all 8,600 of us are to wear white shirts to the game. Makes a big statement to the visiting team. In fact, I'm sure if I wear a white shirt Saturday, it will help my Monarchs win. Right?

One more thing. What am I to make of the stats that show the tale of my escalator incident is the single most popular entry in the history of this blog? Everyone loved it. Hmmm.

Only 39yrs old.

by teresa

Oh my.
How sad.
"A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments, soccer games, romances, best friends, location of friend's houses, favorite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams. A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house."

Lots going on around here lately. Lauren has been on a prom dress finding frenzy. I have literally looked at thousands of styles online with her. So far this is her favorite and this is my favorite. We also like this in yellow. A couple of dresses she liked were over $400. I joked that she'd be lucky if her wedding dress cost that much. I said...if you want a dress like need to talk to daddy. Whenever we try to show him a dress...he just grunts and goes back to watching college basketball. :0)
I ordered her cap and gown and graduation announcements on Tuesday(you don't want to know what they charge for that thin, paper like cap and gown). Chris took her to the ODU campus this week and they walked around. He said she really liked the student center. And as if Lauren doesn't have enough going on already....she is going on an eleven day mission trip to Guatemala the week after graduation(she has been to Guatemala and Costa Rica before). They need her on a team to help translate (she took 5 yrs of Spanish) and choreograph a stick/dance routine. She will be teaching children and performing while there also. How cool is that? So we will be getting donation letters out soon and having a couple of fundraiser dinners at church to help pay her way($1400).
I went up to Ben's school this morning to turn in his read-a-thon packet(got the rest of the donations in yesterday) and talk to his teacher. He has been talking out of turn alot in class. Blurting out answers (without raising his hand)and disrupting. She has to tell him over and over to let the other kids have a chance to answer. His teacher is so sweet and it ticks me off that he won't shut the heck up. He will have consequences when he gets home. I also need to remember to sign him up for soccer tonight. Can you believe it is soccer season already? Practices begin at the end of the month.
Nick was excited to go to school today. He was chosen to read aloud during the morning announcements. A story from a book on black history month. He was told he is the best (out loud) reader in his class. He was very honored.
He has also been talking about a Valentines dance at school next week. He wants to take a girl from church...but I told him I think it has to be a student at the same school. He is checking today. He did like a girl named Alex...but then he made the mistake of telling a friend...who told her. Then she said to Nick "NOT IN A MILLION YEARS". That heartless tramp!
Well I'm off to my sisters house. Kai has afternoon kindergarten and I will walk him to school so Katy won't have to leave the kids(5 of them) to take him. They live next door to his school...and there is no bus. But there is a long fence he has to walk around (behind the apartment complex) to get to the building. So I'm off to be the greatest aunt in the world and brave this 20 degree weather to escort him to his class.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Take the quiz...let's see how you score

You know the Bible 95%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
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errands, snow, sparks and escalators

by teresa

I'm feeling much better today. Thanks for the many get well wishes. Today I will be running all the errands that needed to be done yesterday(dry cleaners,library,post office,Ben's school).

Last night before I went to bed the weather channel said we were gonna get some snow overnight. One to two inches by 6am....they said. I woke up...ran to the window...and...NOTHING! That little green shaded area (on the weather map) was covering us. How could we get nothing? Fiddlesticks! Mary...did you get anything? The weather guy said your area was going to get mucho snow. Did he speaka the truth?

My house is full of static electricity. I can't touch anything without getting zapped. I went to grab a tissue this morning (because my nose is leaking like a faucet)and got zapped. Is that even possible? To get shocked by a piece of paper? Or am I some electromagnetic freak of nature? I especially loved when I put my sweatshirt on this morning and it took 10 minutes to peel the hair from around my face. Pretty.
It's cool to make the sparks in the dark though. Last night I was making green sparks in the bed (no not what your thinking...Chris was asleep). But I did wake him up to see it though. Every time I would drag my hand across the comforter green sparks would shoot out. Cool. Don't feel bad for him getting woke up. He deserved it. Earlier he was snoring (like a lumberjack with a head cold) and I politely told him to ROLL OVER. He did...and then a minute later (while I was enjoying the silence) he let out a loud growl....and scared the be-jeezus out of me. I screamed so loud...and yelled out a five year old's(razzle frizzle dum dum poo poo head) obscenities at him. He must have laughed for 15 minutes before he fell back to sleep.
Just for that I'm going to tell his embarrassing escalator story.
Last time he went to Atlanta...he was in the airport...on the escalator. He says it is a looong, steep escalator. With many people in front of you and many people behind you...your kinda trapped. And if someone at the top were to would all go down like dominoes. Chris said he was on...his carry-on bag at his side...climbing higher and higher...when it happened. Someone about 10 people ahead of him fell. He saw people falling back on each other and thought "surely it won't reach as far as me". He was wrong. He saw it coming and tried to brace himself....he felt sure he could plant his legs....grab hold of the rails and keep himself vertical. Nope. Didn't happen. Once the person in front of him toppled over he couldn't support the weight. He said his hands were still on the rails....but sliding back further and further....until his feet were in the air and his back was pinned to the steel step. I laughed so hard when he told me this story....I lost my breathe and choked. To picture my husband laying there at the bottom of a pile of white collar's in their dry cleaned suits and ties is more than I can take.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

by teresa
I'm tired.
And a little sick.
Tummy issues.

I think I will go lay across the bed and read(The Kite Runner)...maybe sleep for awhile.

Hope you guys all have a nice day...and stay warm.
It's in the low teens here today. Brrrrrr

Monday, February 05, 2007

How to quiet a room full of holy rollers

Last nights superbowl party at church was a blast. Tons of food and laughing, taunting (from one teams fans to the other). It was loud and exciting. A real good time! Then this commercial came on....and silence.
Crickets chirping silence.
Too funny!


Food, fun, football!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

by teresa
We got something very exciting in the mail today.
Lauren's Old Dominion University ACCEPTANCE LETTER.
She is working I called her during her break and told her.
She sounded thrilled.
I am so happy (I may have even teared up a little).
I'm sure the tears will come again when I write the check out for first semester.

The basketball games were super today.
The kids made lots of shots, steals and rebounds.
We couldn't have been more thrilled.
Nick's team trounced (I actually felt bad for the other team) their opponents 35 to 15.
He was flying high after his teamsback to back win.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Never judge a book by its movie

by teresa
Today is the last day of spirit week.
Ben has been looking forward to it all week.
Now we all know that Ben's favorite book character is Junie B. Jones.
But he was not about to dress like a girl!
So he decided to be Jess Avery...from Bridge To Terabithia.
A sweet, young farm boy. The book really made an impression on him.
He even decided to take his friends to see it for his birthday party (it comes out two days before his birthday). Although, everytime he sees the movie promos he comments about how..."Jess doesn't look like that." and "That didn't happen in the book."
I told him that most movies based on books are very different (and sometimes not quite as good) from the books. And that they have to make up some things to make the movie long and exciting.
He looked so cute in his outfit. I got everything from the thriftstore. $5 for the entire outfit...down to the shoes. Then I went to the fabric store and bought initials and some doodads to sew on that goes along with the character. I got a pine tree button (the imaginary world Terabithia was in a forest of pine trees), a school bus button (alot of the story happens at school and on the bus), a cow button (Miss Bessie the family cow is Jess' responsiblity), a dog button (the kids dog Prince Terian is a big part of the book), and a running shoes patch (his goal in life is to be the fastest runner in 5th grade). If you click on the picture you can see where we sewed them on.


The greatest gift is a passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites, it gives you the knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind

Thursday, February 01, 2007

When you are in any contest, you should work as if there were - to the very last minute - a chance to lose it.

by teresa

The Read-a-thon is now officially over(I'm sure your sick of hearing about it).
Ben tried to hang in there till he couldn't hold a book for exhaustion.
We went to Barnes & Noble tonight and got Starbucks and read...for several hours.
Ben sat the Starbucks table and read OUT LOUD to me.
No thoughts to anyone but us. Two entire books.
He is so awesome.
We came home, went upstairs, got into jammies and finished up Old Yeller.
He was upset by the ending...but said he really liked the book.
I told him we would get the movie from the library this weekend.
Are you ready for his total?
Drum roll please.....
1,845 minutes reading!
These are the books he read in the last 15 days:
Curious George at the Parade
Curious George Visit’s a Toy Store
Curious George Goes to a Movie
Curious George and the Pizza
Curious George Takes a Job
Curious George Gets a Medal
Curious George Rides a Bike
The Bible
Old Yeller
Bridge to Terabithia
Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry St.
Happy Birthday to You
Horrible Harry and the Goog
Skippyjon Jones
Froggy’s Day with Dad
Too Many Frogs
Don’t Forget to Come Back
The Bunyans
Mercy Watson to the Rescue
Chesters Way
Zelda and Ivy
Superdog the Heart of a Hero
The Hello, Goodbye Window
The Soccer Mom for Outerspace
Bad Kitty
Hooway for Wodney Wat
Bowl of Rain
Don’t Feed Your Babysitter to the Boa Constrictor
Surprising sharks
Mouse Soup
Blizzard of the Blue Moon
The Footbook
Dragon Book
Beatrice Doesn’t Want to
My School is a Zoo
The Old Woman Who Named Things
The Princess Knight
The Dot
Part-time Dog
The Dog Who Cried Wolf

We will continue to collect money over the weekend...and turn everything in on Monday.
It will take another week to find out who won.
Thank you to all who gave...and supported Ben in his efforts.
Cross your fingers!

I Love My Mom!!

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble...

by teresa
Today was TWIN DAY at Ben's school. So I went up during lunch and took a picture of Ben and his best friend Thomas (this is the sweetest kid). Thomas has been in Ben's class every year since Kindergarten. I even brought Ben a pair of old glasses to wear, so they would look more alike.

it's just me...stitting here rambling I don't have chores and errands waiting to be taken care of. What a slacker!

by teresa

Blogger is being stupid this morning. I can't view my blog. I went over to blogger help...and it seems I'm like one of a million who are having this same problem. Hopefully I will be up and running again soon. If you are reading this....I must be working again.

I need to run to Ben's school later and take a picture of him and his friend Thomas. It is TWIN DAY at school...and they dressed alike. I took him to school this morning so I could take a picture...but realized I had forgot the CAMERA once I pulled in the parking lot. Dummy!
So I will return around lunchtime.

Have you been watching American Idol?
I don't like how they reduce people to tears all the time. They are way too harsh!
I takes the fun out of watching it.
I can't wait till the real competition begins.

Today is the last day for the read-a-thon.
Ben and I are going to Barnes & Noble after school (his request) to sit and read the night away.
His total is a little over 1,500 mintues so far.
He said..."I want to have 2,000 minutes!"
I assured him I had no intention of sitting in B&N for 8 hours so he could reach that goal.
Last night we almost finished Old Yeller....but he (and I) were just to tired to continue. He kept stopping and saying "Mom! Are you even listening to me?"
I guess my eyes were closed and he didn't like that.

I need to run out later and pick up a couple of things.
Bread,peanut butter, computer paper, photo paper,Tide. I come!
I better leave soon because we actually have a forecast for snow by noon(then turning to rain later).
Yeah right! I believe it when I see it!

Later mamasitas...