Monday, March 31, 2008

by teresa

Blogging from the hospital.

A glimpse into five minutes of my day:

I'm in the kitchen getting ready to nuke some stouffers for dinner.
Ben is watching something on disney...Nick has just left the kitchen(with a roast beef sandwich he was dying for since he didn't eat lunch today) and was headed to the office to do homework.
I hear my cellphone ringing.
Nick comes running in the kitchen with it for me (how sweet).
It's our neighbor Gerri.
She is calling from the hospital to tell me they just took my mom back for surgery.
As I am carefully listening and gathering all pertinent information I hear screams.
It sounds like the,"SHHHHOOOOORRRTTTYYY!!!!!"
I am still listening to Geri but trying to figure out what is going on when I hear this,"WAAAAA! STOP KICKING THE DOOOOGGGG!"
As I am hanging up, putting the stouffers back in the freezer and looking for my shoes I head around the corner to find :
Son # 1 crying
Son # 2 crying
Dog # 1 with tail between legs scooting past me to retreat upstairs
Bits of roast beef and chips (which I didn't know Nick had) crushed all over the carpet.

We have all heard the old adage about not taking food from a dog without expecting payback.
Well in my house the dog learned that you do NOT take food from a 12yrd old boy without payback.

While Nick brought me the phone....Shorty helped himself to the big, juicy roast beef sandwich Nick had so carefully made.
Nick found him and pounced.
Trying like mad to push the dog off with his foot only to be accosted by his younger brother (and apparent PETA spokesperson) for (in Ben's words) beating up the dog.
Ben took to kicking and hitting his brother (which is apparently okay as long as you leave the dog unharmed).
Nick and him were in a slap fight when I came around the corner (with Shorty underfoot still taking a crack at the last bits of sandwich that were being stomped into my rug).

Thanks mom for having an operation just so I could have an excuse for getting out of the house.
by teresa

Mom's doing good.
Still not home but doing really good.

We are all reeling from some devastating news we received yesterday.
A very close family and church friend had unexpected loss.
Her daughter in law. A young (late 20's) wife and mother of three precious little ones (7 and under) passed away.
Pray for comfort for her family and all those who knew her.

I just can't get it out of my head.
You never know when you will be leaving this Earth.
Young, old.

Get right with God, tell your family you love them, let your light(Jesus) shine to everyone and in everything you do.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

by teresa

What a rough weekend this has been.

Friday night I spent the evening with Ben and Kaden at the the place of evil (chuckecheese).
You guys know I NEVER go there. But, the pageant Ben is an escort in had a party for the kids participating...and I sucked it up and took him. And then on the way I had a moment of weakness and asked Kaden(my crazy 2yr old niece) to come with us.
It was so packed inside.
Hundreds of children let off their leash at once.
While the parents sat back and ignored the craziness going on with a cold beer (did you know they serve beer at chuckecheese?) and a piece of cardboard pizza. Numb to the screaming, pushing, running and jumping that is a good time for kids at C.E.C.
Since I don't drink or eat cardboard pizza I was fully aware and tuned in to all the debauchery.
I was a little scared.
Two hours later I dragged the over sugared and over stimulated kids back to the car to go home.
One of them kicked my seat the whole way home.
The other threw a sucker in my hair.
I said nothing.
I was verging on narcoleptic.

I dropped Kaden off (fueled up and ready to party...can you say endless mountain dew refills?) which I'm sure Katy appreciated.
Then came home and put Ben to bed.
I put on my sweats, straightened the covers and leaned over to set the alarm for our early morning soccer game on Sat.
Then the phone rang.
A phone ringing at 11:00 is usually not good.
It was mom and she was sick.
Real sick.
So I threw my C.E.C. smelling clothes back on(they almost smelled as bad as Mexican restaurant clothes) and headed next door.
I drove her to the ER and spent most of the night (next morning) there with her.
She was admitted yesterday and is still there today.
Gallstones. Infected gallbladder.
Much pain and nausea.
Poor mom.
We are waiting for a catscan today that will show if one of the ducts is clogged with a stone so the Dr. can make a next step.
Pray for her full and painless recovery.
And pray for me to find the time to take care of my family (wash those funky clothes and the rest of the full hampers) and be with mom as much as I can.

Friday, March 28, 2008

by teresa

We had the most exciting soccer game last night.
Ben scored 4 goals.
One being a penalty kick (photo below) when the other team touched the ball in front of their goal.
He looked totally calm, but told us later he was very nervous in his tummy.
I asked him if he would have rather us got someone else to kick the shot and he adamantly said "NO!"
"I was nervous...but I knew I could do it."

I was not wanting him to kick it.
Put another kid in...please!
I felt it was too much pressure and I didn't want him to be disappointed in himself if he missed.
But the team mom doesn't get to make the decisions (unless your needing to know what snack to bring or where the party is).
Dad (coach) called the shots.
I should have had faith.
We (I) should let our kids know we believe in them, and encourage them to try new things. Cheer them on if they make it, and pick them up if they fail. Life involves having the courage to take risks despite the fear of failure.
I'll remember that next time.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dogs and Kids

By Chris

Dog Update: The shoe has been found. And, apparently, I owe KiKi the dog an apology. Sure, it's confirmed she moves my shoes around. But, I doubt she put it in Nick's camping gear. Where it was found. It was the big event of the morning. Both boys stormed into my shower to show it to me. I guess I'll have to get her a bone or something for the false accusation.

Nick found the shoe because I am making him clean up the garage and yard. I ordered Ben to do the same to the upstairs of the house. They were bugging each other and me real bad before this. Teresa is off . . . somewhere . . . she told me where but I'm fuzzy on the details. And, two bored brothers are a recipe for disaster. They will worry each other and any adult around to death. But, it's amazing how they can disappear and get along when you start throwing out chore lists. "Dad I'm bored . .. He it me . . . Stop putting your stinky socks on me . . . Let's go to Target . . . Shutup, your breathe stinks . . . Go clean the garage . . . silence....


By Chris

Now this is something you really can't beat. Take off work and watch basketball noon-midnight on tv for four days. Then, on the next day, drive a couple of hours to watch basketball in one of the best arenas in the country with the family. I'm talking an arena where there's laser light shows, HD jumbotron scoreboards and real fire rises from the court during team intros. Get back in time to attend two more games until well past midnight the following day, one of which your team wins at the buzzer in overtime with 8,000 people freaking out. Sweet.

Monday, March 24, 2008

by teresa

Blogging from the road.
The whole family packed up and headed to Charlottesville for the ODU /UVA game.
Dining out, hotel stay, the whole shebang.
And for what?
A loss.
A big 'ol loss.

Tonight's sleeping arrangements should be interesting.
Chris being finance savvy (cheap) hooked us up with a free room in a really nice hotel from some points he had accumulated while traveling.
One free room.
For four of us.
Two beds.
I call the one by the window!
The three boys can flip for the other/the floor or the bathtub.

Questions and comments heard in the Green home this week

by teresa

Stop putting boogers on the wall in the bathroom!

I wanted a buttercream egg...not a peanutbutter.

Stop irritating everybody!

Let the dog out...he's gonna throw up!

He's not throwing up...but his butt does look funny.

Nobody touch my drink!

Who drank my drink?

You guys suck!

You're so patronizing.

Did the firemen like their eggs?

I am so awesome.

Stop leaving your socks in the backyard.

You put too much salt on the ham.

How is cinnabon apple streudal pie good for us?

Does carrot cake count as my veggies for the day?

You need a happy pill.

Both you guys smell like you jumped in a hiney pool.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Did you know?


Happy Easter y'all!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

By Chris

Breakfast at friends'. Soccer. Easter Eggstravaganza. Watch Basketball. Long day.

Today was Ben's first soccer game and the first time in years I was not coaching the affair. Our longtime assistant coaches took over this year. I'm helping. Feels funny. It's been fun to watch the new coaches step up and do their thing. In honor of our years together, they kept our team name and have kept us mega-involved. Like the elder sage or something. Teresa says: "you know, you're the oldest coach out there." My gosh . . . how did that happen. The other coaches and parents are all "Hey Mr. Green . . ." I'm NOT OLD!!! Cousin Kai's playing baseball, as you read, so no coaching the little kids either. So I'm just ... helping. We played to a 0-0 tie. Playoff spots are on the line this year, so the scores are impotant.

In a rare twist, college daughter spent nearly the whole day with us. She was in charge of face painting at the eggstravaganza. Some of the kids from the pre-school where she works were there. You could tell they were elated to see her and that she really connects with them. She's got a real gift for relating to kids, and its neat to see it coming out. She then watched basketball with me for a couple of hours before bolting for her social scene. I wonder if she was thinking "I'll sit here with the old man a while. Seems to make him happy."

Speaking of basketball, I've watched about 30 hours of it since Thursday. Took off to do it too. March Madness!! In a shocking and delightful twist, Teresa has agreed to go with me, the boys and college roommate and family on a basketball watching, hotel-staying trip this Monday. I wonder if she was thinking "Seems to make the old man happy . . . "

Friday, March 21, 2008

by teresa

I went to Kai's baseball practice yesterday to see how he is doing.
My nephew is the first of all our kids to play baseball.
Soccer and basketball have been the sport of choice until now.
He was so cute in his little ball pants and jersey. That hat (that's a bit too big) tilted to the side and his tongue hanging out (eyes closed) while he swings with all his might at the ball (coach pitch).
Loved it!
It was freezing...but I sat (and cheered) him on.
If you ask Kai what his favorite part is he would tell you.....the cup/jockstrap.
The boy is elated about his new found "manly" apparel.
He puts it on and instantly turns into a caveman.
Stomping and grunting around the house.
"look at my huge pee pee!"
"punch me in my huge pee pee!"
"I am invincible!"
Then he hits himself between the legs and roars with laughter at this feat.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

He finally came(refer to post below).
Apparently he had been calling me all morning trying to stop by.
The phone in my room was off the hook.
My bad.

It was bad news.
I am holy.
And not the good kind of holy (although I strive to be...can't you tell?).
The bad kind of holy.
I have a hole in the tub of my washer.
A big hole that pours water all over my carpet.
A big hole caused by something slipping threw the holes and grinding against the rubber liner until it punctured it.
I blame Nick.
Cause it couldn't be my fault...that's why.
And Nick is the one who stuffs his pockets with the most garbage each day.
They are going to have to take it to the shop, take it apart and replace the tub thingy.
This may take days.
rAzzLe frAzzLe!
That's the way us sweet (holy) christian girls express our displeasure without having to be a dirty mouth swearer.
by teresa

Just sitting here.
Sitting and waiting.
Waiting for the washer repair guy to come.
I hate to sit and wait.
I have a list a mile long to get done today.
But I am chained to the house like a dog.
You know if I run down the street for a minute to pick up milk...that's when he will come.
Then I will have to wait another week for a new appointment.
And I don't think mom's washer can handle the Green family laundry for 7 more days.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daily Dog Update

By Chris

Still no sign of my shoe. It's o.k. Good excuse to go tennis shoe shopping (which I actually like).

Just looked out the back door, and KiKi has a TENNIS RACKET in her mouth walking around the yard. Perhaps she's piece-by-piece setting up a second hand athletics store??
by teresa

My grandfather called me on my cell yesterday.

Here's our conversation....

This is your UNCLE JOHNNY.
Huh? Uncle?
Yes...uncle Johnny.
Your my grandfather...not my uncle.
Oh yeah.
Well....I just looked at my phone and it said calling Teresa.
That means your calling me.
Well I don't want to call you. Did you call me? called me. You must have sat something on your phone and it called by itself.
But I don't want to call you.
Hung up on me.
We need to work on his phone etiquette.

I took Ben for his tuxedo fitting yesterday.
He looked so cute. I wish I had brought my camera.

We got our soccer schedules last night and our first game is on Saturday.
For all who want to know:
March 22nd
Indian River Community Center

I am taking the jerseys to have names put on them today. I was promised by the shirt guy I would have them back by Friday night. I hope he doesn't flub it up or I'll have to buy a pack of fruit of the loom undershirts and a sharpie maker to create my own team attire.

I am back at the church today for day two of "pickup your eggs or I will eat them".
The majority have been picked we were able to take down 95% of our production setup.
I (and the whole eggy team) are super glad to be finished.
It will take us the next 50 weeks to recover.

Monday, March 17, 2008

by teresa

Happy St. Patricks Day.
I had forgot about it altogether (and almost sent Ben to school in pinchable attire) and then I signed on to the computer and my google page came up with 4-leaf clovers on it.
Thank you google.
And Ben thanks you too.
Apparently they take the whole "pinch ya if yer not wearin' any green" serious in 3rd grade.

The best thing about St. Patricks day is the movie Leprechaun.
It's actually the worst movie ever made.
But it totally freaked my sister out with the scary Leprechaun running around and biting people. So I would yell out "LEEEEPREEECHAAUUUN!" in my most frightening leprechaun voice and she would cry.
I wonder if it still works.

Yesterday I was hit, kicked, hugged and pounced on.
No...Chris was not being frisky....I taught childrens' church (3-5yr olds).
One little tot just broke down in the middle of our Jesus parade and had a fit.
Crying, screaming, flailing (and usually in the pentecostal church this is a good thing) but not this time. Poor little guy just needed some calm down time and then he rejoined our group just in time to be Jesus and ride Lauren (our donkey) around the room while the other kids and I threw our coats on the floor (we didn't have any palm leaves) and yelled "HOSANNA!"
It was a hoot.

Later the same kids' brother pounced on me when I was passing out my Jesus approved snacks (chip ahoy and lemonade). My fingernail caught him in the forehead and left a very Harry Potter looking lightning bolt wound from his hairline to his eyebrows.
It bled.
The kids squealed.
One yells out "do you think he will need stitches?"
Not helpful as I was trying to keep him calm and distracted while searching the cabinet for the first aid kit....and pass out the cookies and drink to the rest of the kids before a riot ensued.

Everything ended up fine.
The boys got picked up (the parents laughed about the craziness we had) they left running down the hall with their donkey, paperbag puppets shouting HOSANNA TO GOD!
By Chris

Exciting news: Nick made the All-City Band! Pretty cool. They'll have a concert sometime after special all-day rehearsals with the best players from all the schools in the city.

Shoe update: Still can't find it. That dog really hid it good. Maybe she took it out when she ran away one time. So far, all reports indicate she has not breached the yard security yet.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

By Chris

Really? Hanson? Oh my wifee. Too bad I don't know how to change the music in here.

Last night, we managed to get rid of both boys . . . to different grandparents. With the found alone time, Teresa wanted to ........ Go to church and play Easter Bunny. I mean, there's all kinds of ways to go with that theme that sound fun enough. But, kids cleared out on my birthday eve night and all we managed to do was . . . box and bag bon-bon's and eggs. Oh, and fold laundry ... at church. I discovered that with the washing maching broken at home half of the week, Teresa had been taking the clothes to the church washer and dryer. (there was no time for Easter Bunny to stay home and meet the repair man, and asking me to fix a washing machine would be about equal to asking me to give you a lift to the moon). So, my dirty laundry was literally aired out in front of all the ladies. I hear they had some great fun with a pair of my underwear! At church! Oh my.

We did have a family get-together at sister-in-law's in the afternoon. Teresa was quick to inform me that THAT was my birthday party (and her mom's) ... and present. That and the fact that I was allowed to watch two straight days of basketball with minimal interruptions. Lauren came and got money from me this morning for lunch. When I pointed out that it was my birthday, she said "Today is your birthday?" . . . then left. With my money. Reliably, my mom and mom-in-law made nice birthday gestures with much appreaciated edible and spendable gifts and well wishes.

Dog update: When we returned home last night, everybody was on red alert. Ki Ki (mom-in-law's dog) was missing. And, it was stormy outside. With a houseful of grandkids at mom-in-laws, people were upset and a search party was out and about. Teresa was very upset too until . . . We walked in our house and there she was lying on our floor. ?!?!?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Random Stories from the Last 2 Days

By Chris

Easter Bunny duty is almost over. Teresa's been at it night-and-day. We were able to leave the boys in the bunny factory helping the production line while we slipped out for a dinner date at The Purple Cow. Cool restaurant name, huh?

Last night was a flying adventure. Halfway home, the pilot comes on to tell us we're turning around and heading back to Atlanta. He explained the hissing sound reported by passengers in the exit row was an exit door that lost its seal. Yikes! Glad I was upgraded to row 2 and nowwhere near that. Hissing doors at 35,000 feet are no good. He assured us that our pressure was fine, but they just wanted to return to be safe. We changed planes pretty quickly, all things considered. My phone died, and I had no way to call home. Four hours late, with no notice, I was sure I was in trouble. But, I still beat Teresa home. Big sister was in-charge of the sleeping boys. Apparently it was a particularly fun late-night egg crew and staying late was a blast.

Mother-in-law's dog has been a trip since the falling of the fence between the yards. Today, she was scratching at the door, like she had something important to tell me. Finally, I answer. There she stands with a proud happy face and a dead squirrel in her mouth. Fresh dead. Somehow, she caught it. I shewed her away. Ben was very happy about this news, and more happy to report: "she ate one of the eyes!!"

Friday, March 14, 2008

by teresa

On location blogging.

Church office...making copies.

Friday...Hour 9.

I have chocolate between my toes (don't ask) and my tummy hurts (on the verge of puking).

It's either due to stress and exhaustion....or the 12 buttercream bon bons and 5 diet cokes I have consumed today.

Oops...gotta go. I hear someone calling my name.

Lord, please get me outta here!
by teresa



Hit the snooze many, many, many times this morning.

Chris and I both got in around 11:30pm last night.

Him from Atlanta (where a faulty airplane door sent them back to Atlanta 45 minutes into their flight).

Me from church (where the last 100 bon bon orders (9 in each order) are bound to be the death of me).

I must take pictures of these contemptible confections so you can feel my pain.

On the up side....we broke the 1,500 mark yesterday afternoon.
It's an incredible project to be apart of.
Many ladies who come volunteer have been doing it 45 years.
Our family is a fourth generation egg decorating family.
My nanny Dyer, Mom, me and my kids (who have put in many hours on the assembly line this week).

I can't wait to get my life back next week.
Back to the Y.
Back to the laundry.
Back to hanging with the family.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

By Chris

Back in Atlanta.

I got off the plane this morning at 7:15 and already had a voicemail. Teresa wanted to know when I was getting home tonight ...As busy as she has been, she's still been serving hot dinners. Good ones too. Tonight, with a late arrival, it'll be leftovers. It all goes to prove the old advice: "if you want to get something done, ask a busy woman."

Random thoughts:
Flying Airtran is really like riding a flying bus.

On the Marta train, there was a dude who looked really out of it. That's not too unusual, actually but this guy was worse off than most. I watched him and actually thought about asking if he needed help. Someone beat me to it ... Which offended the out-of-it man and caused him to chase the do-gooder off the train! He was yelling "you sho' nuff gon need some help.". He could hardly walk, so I am pretty sure do-good-dude easily escaped. That was close. But it would have been a really good story if I had to flee the scene like that.

I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world. ~Mother Teresa

by teresa

What a crazy week for us.
Church (10-12 hours a day), two trips to Atlanta, dentist appts., dr. appts., soccer practices and band festival.
We will round out the week (Sat. and Sun.) with two birthdays.
Mom and Chris.
To tell you the truth I had forgotten both until my sister offered to host a cookout/bday party for the two of them Saturday afternoon.
I was like...huh? Birthday? Who's birthday?
Sorry guys...I love ya....but my brain is filled with peanut butter these days.

Last night I left egg production early (4:00pm) and didn't go back after dinner.
A night off? With 100's more eggs to make?
What a naughty girl I am.
Instead I went to Ben and Kristian's soccer practice.
It was nice to sit.
I was going to say it was nice to sit and enjoy the kids and chat with the parents.
But actually was just nice to ...S. I. T.
Hunching over the tables (decorating, molding, chocolating, etc.) is killing my back.

Here's some pics. of the kids.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

By Chris

Happy 30,000 blog :))

I'm in the Atlanta airport, which means I must update. Atlanta air has done nothing good for the allergy situation. Have pills, will travel, though and I'm doing ok keeping the symptoms knocked back. Even if they keep me in a sort of hazy state of mind. I have met, worked with and be-friended a bunch of interesting people in my career. Today I met a dude who produced The Mickey Mouse Club (1970's version). Had the picture to prove it. Blaire from Facts of Life was on the show, among others. If you were a young boy during the 80's you know exactly who Blaire is. I don't know her real name ..But I rarely missed that show ;))
by teresa

I LOVE this woman (Paula Deen).
Click here to see the best recipe ever.

Can you imagine?

Donuts for buns?

by teresa

Ben is going to be so upset with me.
I didn't hear my alarm go off this morning (Chris had cut the radio down to a whisper).
So he missed the bus.
Actually I got up with 10 minutes to spare before the bus came....but I wanted to hop in the shower before I woke him.
Plus...making him rush gives him almost a worse attitude than having him miss the bus.

I'm about to go up there....wish me luck.

Monday, March 10, 2008

by teresa

Why am I awake?
12:07am and I am not tired at all.
I napped the afternoon away (it was much needed) and now I am up trying to think of a way to clean Lauren's carpet without waking the entire house.
I would read until I got sleepy...but I left my book (Monster by Frank Perretti) in the car and I'm too skeerd to go out there this late and retrieve it.
I'm not scared of someone being out there...but some THING being out there.
I swear if a raccoon or possum (yep...I do live in Ver-gina) crawled up to me in the night I would die of fright on the spot.
I don't have vermin love.

I do think this is the dorkiest song ever sung.
Do the jitterbug at muskrat land?
Was this woman on crack or something?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

by teresa

Nick and I spent 6 hours up at church yesterday getting caught up on the Easter egg orders(along with several other volunteers). He is such a big help...and I even gave in and let him decorate some eggs. He wanted to write names or put flowers on. I was way. So I found something perfect. Putting dots in the middle of the flowers. He donned himself with a hair net and gloves(and a big 'ol smile). I gave him a loaded icing bag and he ran off eager to prove his egg decorating skills. I must say...his dots are the best darn dots of the lot. Good job Nick!

Last night was book club night. My favorite Saturday of the month. We read "Same Kind of Different As Me". The book was great. The evening was great (I love those ladies!). The food was beyond great. The fellowship was much needed and I left feeling re-energized.
Blessed and ready to start week two of Easter Bunny Project 2008.

Friday, March 07, 2008


By Chris

Spring has sprung. I have a week-long headache, body ache, congestion, runny nose, sneezy, itchy throat, tiredness to proove it. It's better if I don't go outside, but who can avoid going outside entirely? It's bad this year. I thought I had the flu for a minute. Everyone raves about Claritin D. I always balked at getting it because it is SOOO expensive. Like nearly $2 per pill. I gave in and got some. And, it wasn't easy. I guess they don't want you to get too much of the stuff, so I had to show some ID and put my signature on file to secure 10 of the precious tablets. And, .... they don't work. For me. Regular ol' cheap Benadryl did better. Any suggestions?
by teresa

It's the end of egg production week one and I have icing in places I didn't even know I had.
Us ladies discovered yesterday that the chronically short (me) can NOT decorate the eggs because of the boob/egg contact as you lean over. I don't think people would appreciate the boob smear when they open their egg to enjoy. Or maybe would could sell them at a higher price? You when an item is autographed by the artist.

Here is a little glimpse into my world this week.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

why do I do this to myself?

by teresa

Fajita burger for dinner = tummy ache for breakfast.

I'm not usually a burger gal. But Rachel Ray had a yummy recipe last month and I thought I would give it a whirl. I served them with spanish rice (mmm) and everyone loved them (as did I) and I will definitely make them again.

Because sometimes the SO worth the pain.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

by teresa

By 6:00am:

I had stepped in pee. (Shorty)

Searched the room for the "poop smell"....and found it. (also Shorty)

Called animal control to come make a pick up. (just kidding.....maybe)

Received a call from my mom that Ben's book bag, with homework, library books, jacket, reading project, and binder were all left out in the torrential downpour last night.

Blew dry 1,000 (give or take) pieces of homework paper and books.

Searched the house for the replacement book bag. (seeing as someone moved it from my replacement book bag closet)

Found replacement book bag in garage filled with rocks.

Left rocks in it...and packed said book bag for 8 year old son who was knucklehead enough to leave his work spread out on patio table even after repeated orders to bring it in.

I hope my day from 7:00am on goes a bit smoother!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Breaking Down the Fence

By Chris

We live next door to my mother-in-law. Have been for many years. A lot of people look at me like I'm crazy when I reveal that, but, honestly, it's been great. So, here's a funny site that only happens to people who live next door to their in-laws.

I pulled up from work Friday afternoon and noticed mother-in-law in our back yard. Which, even though we live next door, was unusual. There's a fence between our yards and it's funny how that little thing actually keeps us seperated. I thought "I wonder what she's doing." I didn't have to wonder very long when she raised a sledge hammer and obliterated a section of the fence between our yards. We had talked over the years about how much more practical it would be to just combine our backyards. We have a huge paved play and eating area. She has a pool. There would be perks both ways. Well, I guess Karen decided that Friday was the day to stop talkin' and start doin'! I'm not sure my father-in-law would have been in favor of such a communal set-up, so it was pretty ironic that the wall fell on his birthday weekend. I bet he was laughing at me from heaven. I came in the house and asked Teresa about it. Her reply: "I wondered what that banging noise was." When the kids heard about, they were elated. They liked the idea of grabbing hammers and beating the snot out of a fence. But even more, they are all for anything that lets them spend more time with their grandparents . . . any of them. So, they banged and banged away. At shower time, they had smiles on their faces and wood chips in their hair. Today, all that's left are a few posts and some serious need for re-landscaping. The dogs hang out and chase each other instead of sniffing each other between the fence cracks. We have regular little estate-in-the-making. Nick thinks this is certainly the last thing that had to happen to ensure he gets a riding lawn mower for this year. And, maybe he's right.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Married to the Easter Bunny

By Chris

My first call of the day was to Teresa. She had long ago left the house. Bright and early. "Hello, is this the Easter Bunny?" I asked. And, so, I've accepted it. My wife is the Easter Bunny. For two weeks. Taking a leadership role in the 40-year-old church Easter Egg seling, making and delivering project. The downers: Lots of time coordinating the massive process of processing thousands of orders for sweet easter eggs. Less time with wife (i.e., she's easter bunny for a while). There could be upsides: smelling the good egg smell all the time? Ensured delivery of plenty of eggs. Stuff like that. Now, I was absolutely terrified of the Easter Bunny (and clowns, santa's etc.) as a kid, so to think that I would end up sleeping with the Easter Bunny is pretty, uhhh.... funny.

More on the Easter Egg project. Growing up, the church Easter Egg was always the centerpiece of my Easter Basket. Teresa's too. We understood that these things came from church. We also knew that our Grandmothers (and my Great Grandmother, I think) somehow played a role in all of this. It was something the older ladies at church did. Well, I guess Teresa is "the older ladies at church" now. Ha! And, now we get that it's a whole heap of work. My knees, back and head are achin' even now from the itsy, bitsy bit of Easter Bunny work I put in this weekend. So, a torch has been passed. The new Easter Bunnies have installed some new practices, but the end product will be the same. The tradition, after apparently being in some danger of passing quietly away, will instead continue for at least a little longer. Sure, it's not exactly up there with the resurrection of Jesus, but traditions like these Easter Eggs have real significance when you do them for 40 years. They represent a lot in terms of common culture, bonds, longevity and a long list of intangible but real stuff like that. It's legacy stuff . . ... tradition and legacies are high on my list of things I respect and encourage. And, the project raises a lot of money that ends up in the hands of people going through hard times, anonymously, with no strings attached. I was recently telling my kids (the ones I raise and the ones I coach) about an old song we used to sing in church: "Count your blessings, name them one by one . . . Count your many blessings, see what God has done!! ..." So, thank you Easter Bunny, baby!!!
by teresa

Today's the day.
Easter Egg Production.
Two weeks....making thousands of eggs.
Sounds like a lotta work...but it's really just an excuse for all us ladies to get together and enjoy each other.
I am ready.
I will be spending mucho time up at church.
The crock pot will be my best friend to keep things going here at home.

Last night was so great.
Chris took us all to go see The Blue Man Group.
It was his Christmas present to the family.
We loved it!
Loud, rock concert kinda feel(music, light show)....without the "stuff" that goes on at rock concerts.
The boys were exhausted on the way home.
This mornings "rise and shine" should be interesting.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

by teresa

It has been almost six months since you went to Heaven.

We miss you and love you.

There is never a day you are not in our thoughts.

If you were here today I would have bought you a big can of cashues and a bottle of brut (like every year).

Mom would have bought you a new pair of Lands End pants (which were your favorite) and a nice shirt(with a pocket on the front...the only kind that would please you) , so you would have a new outfit for Easter Sunday.

The boys would have washed your truck as a surprise and Kristian would have made you a card with glitter and stickers.

Katy would have given you a giftcard to Golden Corral (you and mom's favorite) so y'all could go out on a date.

You would love it all...but act very flip about it, as you hated attention...even on your birthday.

I would try to get a hug and kiss and you would push me away (playfully) and fold your arms so none of us could grab you.

Smirk on your face...chubby cheeks pushing your eyes into smiling slits.

I would grab you and pretend to choke you...begging for a smooch.

You would holler out for momma,"KAREN! KAREN! DO YOU SEE HOW MY OWN DAUGHTER TREATS ME!"

Then you would give in (you always did) and give me a kiss and tell me you loved me.

I would smile(having won)....and then you would run off and pretend to wipe it off you face.