Wednesday, August 05, 2009

deal me in

by teresa

The new craze around the Green house is cards.
I broke out a deck a week ago when the boys were bored and they haven't been put away since.
Now they have three decks going on a never ending quest to make pairs, find the eights and build four stacks of suits. Ben is determined to learn how to shuffle. He calls it "the bridge". Dividing the cards in half, flicking them together (you gotta make 'em bendy mom) and then raising it all up to rush together. He practices over and over, even taking the cards in the car. I hear the fffraaapp of the deck as I drive.
Kristian has joined in the fun, spending the night with Ben and staying up till the wee hours laughing and playing go fish. I came in the room when I woke up and they were asleep on the floor surrounded by red and black.

It was all great until Chris showed them 52 card pickup.


Mom said...

There's nothing like the old fashioned games and toys, is there?

Nanny Jackie said...

I agree with Karen. Love it when kids are entertained by something that isn't electronic.