Sunday, August 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaden

by teresa

We are all in party mode around here. Today was Kaden's 4th birthday and we had a blast helping her celebrate herself. She wore a princess crown...and she was living the princess life.
Lots of friends, family and yummy food made the day special. The highlight of the party for me was when she opened up the card we bought her, peeked inside, grouched out "NO MONEY!" and then tossed it on the ground.
Tomorrow we have another party on the agenda. It's for Kelsey (Ben's bff's 'lil sis) and it's a pool party. We will head out around 3:00 to get wet, have fun and eat more cake.
What could be better than that?

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Mom said...

Kaden had a really great birthday -thanks to everyone who shared it with her. I'm sure most people want to throw their birthday cards on the floor when there is no money inside, but then they would be acting like a four-year-old.