Tuesday, August 25, 2009


by teresa

The hubby cleaned out his closet the other day. With all of his work clothes rotating back and forth from the dry cleaners he had accumulated quite a stash of wire hangers. He pulled them all out and layed them in the hallway, with the intention (I assume) of taking them to the trash on his next trip downstairs.
That was Saturday morning.
*clears throat*
It is now Tuesday morning.
He has been up and down the stairs approximately 17 times (I actually calculated this amount factoring in going to bed/waking up, changing clothes after work/getting running shoes out of closet, naps and leaving his glasses and blackberry upstairs a few times).
The blessed hangers are still sitting there.
They need to reach their intended destination soon or I am going to go Mommy Dearest up in this house.


Sterling Dawn said...

wire hangers = pure hatred.


Anonymous said...

I go to Zoots also, and I recycle the plastic bags, and wire hangers just by placing them in the puple laundry bag with the clothes. No extra hangers and plastic bags hanging around, just clean and simple. By the way, Zoots is switching to a plastic hanger.


Nanny Jackie said...

Now if I can get him to clean up his mess in the garage, I'll be happy.

George's wife