Monday, August 31, 2009

peace, love and poker

by teresa

Our first evening in the outer banks passed with no drama (aside from a thunderstorm).
What more can a mom ask for?
We unpacked the car and got the rooms all organized (I thought I would die walking up and down all those stairs...arms piled high with toiletries and towels).
The boys were happy with their room assignments and kept running from level to level to level marking their territory.
The house is far more wonderful than I even expected.
Praise the Lord!
When you shop online (and spend that much money) it's nice to be happy with your decision.
After dinner (pizza and Stromboli's) we headed over to stock up the house with food.
I was a bit worried when we arrived at the grocery store. The boys do not enjoy going with me, so I figured we would have a few meltdowns to deal with.
Didn't happen.
Chris handled it.
He gave them a cart of their own and let them loose in the store.
I gasped....and off they went.
They returned 20 minutes later, both of them pushing the cart at the same time, laughing, side swiping displays and leaving a trail of traumatized tourists in their wake.
what did they get?
A watermelon, orange soda in glass bottles, sugar cookies, oreos, sausage biscuits and 2 limes.
In their eyes...the makings of a good time.
In my eyes...the makings of two tummy aches.
It's vacation....and what happens at the beach...stays at the beach.

The rest of the night is a blur (I was in a euphoric state).
Unpacking groceries, showers, pj's, Food Network, magazines, dig dug (yes I brought dig dug), leftover stromboli and poker (George and the boys).


Ellen said...

Oh!! Have an awesome time - the trip to the grocery store worked out great. I would be so afraid to hand a kid a cart. Glad it worked out! Enjoy the weather and the slightly less crowded terrain!

Sterling Dawn said...

i LOVE picturing the boys in the grocery store. sounds like the beginning of an amazing vacation!!! :)

Watkins said...

Wow - I'm speechless. haha

Rev George Barham said...

The boys in the grocery store was hilarious! I don't ever remember seeing them so happy doing something together. When Teresa gasped at Chris turning them loose in the store with a cart, Chris said ... hey it's a lot cheaper than taking them to some touristy activity. Too funny! These are the best people in the world to vacation with!