Saturday, August 15, 2009

“My kids always perceived the bathroom as a place where you wait it out until all the groceries are unloaded from the car.”

by teresa

Grocery day.
I did plan out though and got stuff for 10 yummy dinners (thank you Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee magazines).
I was wondering, when you bring in your groceries do you

A: bring in all bags and then put away food?


B: Bring in a couple bags at a time and put away food as you go...before making anther trip to your car?

I do B.

I don't know why...but it bothers me leaving them there on the counter. I must unpack them immediately and clean up the mess before going out for more bags.


Nanny Jackie said...

I bring them all in then put them away. I leave some of the bags in the garage though. I do have to put them immediately because the clutter on the counter bothers me. If I left them in the car I'd probably get distracted and forget to go get the rest of them and have spoiled milk and eggs ... yuck!

Nanny Jackie said...

Your kids must have learned the bathroom trick from George.

Watkins said...

I bring them all in or try to get James and his brother to bring them in while I put it all away. Now with the baby, we try to put away all the cold stuff at least. Sometimes I have to go back after giving her a bottle and it's all still there waiting for me.

Katy said...

I do B. Bring a few bags in at a time and put them away before going to get more.

Mom said...

Bring in the bag with the ice cream, eat some, then bring in the rest of the bags and put stuff away.