Thursday, August 13, 2009

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional

by teresa
Great night yesterday.
After the flood (seriously...Noah cruised by on the way down Indian River Road) we headed to Logan's Roadhouse for dinner. It was Jackie's birthday and we decided to honor her by stuffing ourselves with meat and potatoes. Afterward we caravaned to the Barham's and topped the meal off with icecream cake. yummy.
Jackie opened her gift from George and the party kicked it up a notch.
A Wii, WiiFit and EActive games.
So fun!
It was hilarious setting up the characters and watching Jackie's virtual trainer run her ragged.


Nanny Jackie said...

Just what I always wanted ... my backside on the internet. It was a great birthday celebration! Thank you all. I love my new Wii and yes ... my virtual trainer is going to kick my butt.

Greens said...

and what a nice backside it is!

Sterling Dawn said...

jackie, you look GREAT for a grandma. just sayin'...

Karen said...

When I come over to play on your Wii, I don't want any cameras around.