Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday wrap up

by teresa

Had to move our Thursday night at the beach to Friday this week.
Soccer practice and weather messed up our normal day.
It was perfect. Chilly breeze and warm water. The boys were in the surf most of the time while the adults snacked on sunchips and nilla wafers. We saw some good friends there and spent a while laughing and talking about the upcoming ODU basketball and football seasons.
Today we woke up early to get the yard work done before the heat was too bad. The boys tackled the garage, weed whacking and grass cutting. I scrubbed my dirty hammock spotless and then proceeded to lounge in it for the next hour and a half. Nick and Ben played football in the newly manicured yard and the dog lay under me in the shade.
I love these long summer days.

Best line of the day: "His tongue looks like bacon."

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