Wednesday, August 26, 2009

explore the space...

by teresa

Recently Nick has become active with the youth band at church.
Although he plays the trumpet quite well...that is not what he does in the band.
He is the sound guy.
We were excited when they invited him to join in on the weekly jam sessions.
He got real into it. Throwing a lot of tech talk around, picking up new plugs and such for the board with his allowance. um...kinda geeky...but whatever.
The other day he came home and said he had joined in and played some with the guys.
We were thrilled. He played...not just pushed a button. So cool. Nick jamming out with the guys.
Then he told us what he played.
The cowbell.
Chris and I busted out laughing. (By the way...I do not recommend laughing at your children. It kinda does weird things with their self esteem.)
Nick got a bit offended, but then we told him about the SNL skit we had seen.
Will Ferrell showing off his musical skills.
Now whenever Nick goes to practice I picture this going on.

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Mom said...

That skit was funny. I'll bet Nick is really good with the cow bell.