Monday, August 24, 2009

week at a glance

by teresa

My long Sunday afternoon nap has me up in the wee hours of Monday.
No biggie...I am just working on some PTA stuff for my meeting this afternoon.
I'm so excited for the school year to begin (only 14 more days). Not just to reclaim my house, but to spend time at school working on making connections between parents and teachers. I love the politics of it all.

This week I will be supply shopping and getting all the long pants and other school clothes out of the attic. Need to see what the kids have already before I go shopping. I think I'm pretty much set for Ben between consignment and thrift store shopping this summer. He may just need a pair of shoes. Chris took care of Nick's needs last week...which was a nice surprise. That boy is no fun to shop with!

I also need to pick up some supplies for next week. We are heading out Sunday for a week of fun in the sun. The that's the way to wrap up an awesome summer vacation.

Best line of the day:
Why didn't you pick up his underwear from the bathroom floor?
Because I couldn't find even a tiny spot of cloth that didn't look contaminated.
I don't think there's any hope for them...just put them in the trash.

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Nanny Jackie said...

EEEEWWWW! Wonder if boys do gross stuff just to out-do each other? I don't remember Chris being that gross.