Monday, April 20, 2009

and he will be dearly missed...

by teresa

My father's best friend in the world, was a man named Chuck Ford.
They would laugh and tease each other hour after hour of every day.
We called them "the grumpy old men".
When my father passed away at the end of 2007 Chuck wrote,"He was my Best Friend, the Brother I never had. I will miss him more than people will ever know."
Well, yesterday those two buddies finally got to hoot it up together again.
Chuck passed away in the morning and while we are all so sad here on Earth, I know my Daddy is showing him around, bragging about who he knows and taking him straight to meet "The Big Guy".
Please pray for his wife Gerri, their children and grandchildren in these hard days to follow.


Mom said...

We will definitely miss Old Chuck (as Jimmy used to call him). He and Gerri have been a great comfort to me since Jimmy died because we all miss him and have great memories of the funny things he did. We hope to give Gerri the same comfort and support as she goes through the days, weeks and months ahead. Chuck told me a couple of months ago that he knew that Jesus died for him, so I know he is with the Lord today and I hope he and Jimmy aren't misbehaving too much. Hopefully, once you make it to Heaven, you can't get kicked out.

Nanny Jackie said...

I believe God has a sense of humor and is enjoying those good ol' boys.