Saturday, April 04, 2009

family time

by teresa

I feel happy today.

Not that I am not happy most of the time....I just felt God's touch on this day. Maybe it was the sun shining bright or the cool spring breeze that kept us comfortable during all our outdoor activities. Everyone was drama free and I can't think of a single hour that passed where someone didn't laugh until they cried.

Ben and Kristian played soccer and Kai had his first baseball game of the season. Nick split the day between one nanny and the other and then topped off the evening by grilling us up dinner. He opened up dad's garage and sat in dad's rocking chair in between burger flips. We raised the mammoth patio umbrella for the first time in months and dined outside, surounded by both sets of grandparents, all three of our kids and one of Ben's soccer buddies (we love Keagan). We finished the night off with wii fit, tennis and bowling. The kids played each other, we played the grandparents, I played Chris. I lost everything....everytime. I will have to sneak in some practice rounds after they leave for school and work. I do not like to lose.


Nanny Jackie said...

It was an awesome day!

Mom said...

Yes, just about perfect. I wish I could have watched all of the games on Saturday, but the schedule just didn't work out. Ben, Kristian and Kai are so good. And Nick was awesome at basketball, too. They all must have taken after me (kidding).