Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It was actually good

by teresa

I feel bad for all the negative vibe I was sending out about having to go to Ben's recorder concert.
I enjoyed myself.
There were fourteen songs....that's right....F O U R T E E N.
Luckily they were all played to cute, uptempo accompany music which livened things up a bit.
Ben and Kristian looked adorable in their black and white outfits and Chris remarked that Ben was displaying perfect concert posture. Of course he was, you know how serious he takes things like this. He hardly blushed at all when he finished his speaking part and Katy, Kai, Missy, Keith, Hailey, Mom, Coach Jerry, Miss Sonja and I hooted and whistled as he walked back to his seat. You gotta love embarrassing your kids...besides a couple "I Love You Mommy's" here and there, it's the one thing that gives me the most joy.


Nanny Jackie said...

We are so sorry we missed this! We got busy with dinner and chores and didn't remember until 6:45pm. In case we don't see him before we leave for our trip, please tell him WE'RE VERY SORRY! We'll be needing to schedule a private performance with Ben and Kristian.

Mom said...

I actually enjoyed the concert alot. Katy and Missy got up and danced to the "Hop" song. My favorite song was the last one where the children shouted out words. I'm glad we didn't embarrass Ben too much. I think Kristian was embarrassed by the dancing though - oh well, that will teach her not to sass her Mom.