Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We have been Wii'd

by teresa

Ben finally pulled the trigger.
He had saved up his Christmas and birthday money to buy a Wii for a couple of years now.
We would take him to buy it....and he would back down every time, not being able to part with his money.
Well, Lauren came home a couple of days ago with news that Bryce (IRHS/ODU buddy) was looking to sell his system, controllers and games. Ben jumped at the chance and he (we) are now the proud owners of a Wii.
They brought it over late last night after Ben went to bed and Lauren and I set it up (created our little Mii family characters) till 1:00am.
It was like Christmas this morning, with Ben bounding down the stairs to see his new toy.
I wonder how long he will be into it before the excitement wears off.
Two weeks....maybe three?

I am excited too. I love to play games with the kids. Also, I like having a new thing to use as collateral to get them to do what I tell them.


Mrs. Schmitty said...

My boys have had their system for over a year...the novelty has yet to wear off.

Congrats to Ben!!!

Nanny Jackie said...

Now you can play WII bowling complete with shirts. Did you see the Big Bang Theory episode where they did that ... it was hysterical.

kristi said...

LOL!! I do this too!