Tuesday, April 21, 2009

what is that noise?

by teresa

Recorder concert tonight at Ben's school.
And so it begins.
The bottom of the barrel climb we go from recorder (in 4th grade) to violin (in 5th) and ultimately drums. Why drums? Ben gives off this arrogant drum player kinda vibe...don't 'ya think? Lauren stayed with violin through high school and Nick changed twice, from cello to trumpet. The concerts go from the ear splitting, nausea induced tooting of twinkle twinkle little star to glorious, pitch perfect arrangements of Divertimento in C you would gladly pay to hear performed.
You can pick out the young parents in the crowd. This is their first child...they have a tripod and camcorder set up to record this exciting evening. hahahaha By kid three you are drawing straws to see who gets to stay home (and feign a headache).


Mom said...

That last sentence you wrote is no joke. It is really amazing, though, how much the kids improve over the years. The concerts in the upper grades really are good.

Nanny Jackie said...

lol! THen there are the grandparents who think every note played by the kid is professional quality ... too bad those other kids mess it up :)