Thursday, April 02, 2009

the low down on the family

by teresa

I fell asleep on the couch last night waiting for Nick to come home from church. The youth group "hangs" after service and we encourage Nick anytime he has an interest in cavorting with people his own age. He usually prefers the fifty and older crowd. He came in and said goodnight around 11 or so. I was too tired to get up and move to the bed. Big mistake. My neck and back are killing me this morning.

Nick preached in youth service last night. He has been preparing for a couple of weeks and was very excited (and nervous) yesterday. He banned Chris and I from coming in...but we heard it was great. Maybe I can get him to write about it on the blog.

Lauren's 20th b-day is Tuesday. I think I'll get her a phone. Hers is slowly dying and we were about to extend her plan and get one of the free phones offered. I will talk to Chris and see if we can let her pick out a cool one for her birthday gift. I would love shopping! We can all go out to dinner too...if she happens to come home before 1:00am that night.

The whole family is excited about the final four games this weekend. As far as the brackets go...Ben has us all beat by a mile. After soccer, we will grill some meat and enjoy family time watching the games.

I want a Wii Fit. Anybody have one? Is it as awesome as it looks?

Ben is going camping with some family/soccer friends during spring break. He is super duper excited...and we are happy to get some quality alone time with the Nickster.

Remember the candy jar? The one Ben won at school for guessing the correct number of pieces? Well, Kaden loved coming over to get a lolly everyday. She would barge in the backdoor (totally ignore us sitting there) and head to the kitchen counter. Drag over a stool and grab a lolly...or three, and then head home in a fit of sugar giggles. When the jar ran low I told Chris we HAD to fill it again. Kaden would be so sad to find it empty...and I can't have sad kids around here. And so it is....that the jar has been refilled three times now. Kaden bounded in last night and stole for the kitchen. We heard the stool draaag across the floor and then her squeal to find the new stash. Does life get any better than that? nope.


Mom said...

It's going to be a great weekend to cook out. Maybe we can have some birthday cake too.

Nanny Jackie said...

Nick banned us from hearing him preach too. No, it doesn't get any better that the delighted squeal of a three year old ... expecially when it is about something like a lollipop.

Rev George Barham said...
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Anonymous said...

Pure bliss for a 15 cents lollypop vs. $10k+ for tuition and attitude, what a difference 17 years make.

Sorry about the Rev. thing! Google picked up a blog login.


Anonymous said...

Kim has a Wii Fit and absolutely loves it!!!! Ya'll can come over 1 night and try it out if you like!