Thursday, April 23, 2009

jiggly is not good unless you're eating jello

by teresa

I am stuffy.
It is hard to sleep when you can't breathe.
I am tired.
Stupid allergies.

I am skipping the volunteer appreciation breakfast at Nick's school this morning. I'm just not in the mood for stale muffins and hugs.

I think I'll go buy a sweatsuit...or some other workout appropriate attire. I know most people just throw on some yoga pants and a t-shirt. But, until you actually get fit, those flimsy Lycra things just tuck in rolls and cracks...not attractive...not comfortable. Layers...that's how I roll people. I was reading old posts yesterday for a mommyblogger talk I gave yesterday and I was reminded that I used to workout...often...and loved it. What happened? All the posts were the same,"went to the Y, I feel awesome with tons of energy..." Energy? What's that? I want some.

1 comment:

Sarah H. said...

well, a baby butt is good when it's jiggly...once you aren't a baby anymore though, I agree with you, jiggly body parts are not fun. :)