Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.

by teresa

Soccer tournament this weekend and the last one in two weeks. I hope the temps. don't go beyond 75. Last weekends 90's was killing me out there. Once spring soccer is over, it will be nice to have no games again until the fall temps. roll in.

I want to go on vacation this year. Not far, just up the road a bit to the outer banks area. Us and the kids (and maybe one of their friends) at the beach...relaxing. Sounds good, doesn't it?

The dog is having serious digestion malfunctions. He is farting 24/7. My entire house smells like cabbage. Although I love cabbage...when you get into bed and your pillow smells like it....not cool. Is it cruel to put a dog to sleep because your shirts smell like dog poots?

We opened the pool this weekend. I know it's little early, but the kids were begging and it was so hot and I am all for anything that gets the kids out of the house. Once the word got out, the phone starting ringing..."can we come swim?" Sunday (a day I had planed to nap, nap and more nap) ended being a day filled with tons of friends and family, swimming, basketball and ring around the rosie. It was awesome!

I am reading Twilight. I gave into the peer pressure. I'll give you my review when I'm done.

We got a new couch and love seat...I love them. They are red. Isn't that cool? You wouldn't expect Teresa Green to have a red couch...would ya? Our last couch was broken, so when you sat down....you sunk to the floor and couldn't get up without assistance. That was especially not good for me, seeing as my short legs leave my feet dangling two feet from the floor on any piece of furniture.

We have birds that made a nest in our garage and the momma laid eggs. We left the garage door open one day....and they snuck right in there. It is high up on a shelf and we didn't even know. That is until we got attacked trying to grab a ball or find a broom or fill up my watering can. Now, softy Chris won't close the dang door. He doesn't want the momma and daddy to be separated at night (the daddy flies off during the day, leaving the mom home alone...typical). I will take pictures once I find some eye protection. They seriously freak out when you go near the nest.

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Mom said...

Your new furniture is really nice and comfortable. Where is the soccer tournament being held this weekend?