Sunday, April 12, 2009

why do you cry? He has risen!

by teresa

A wonderful Easter.
Glory to God!
To see all my children in church, praising Him. Worshipping our risen's almost too much for a mother to take.
Let's just say I cried the "ugly cry" for most of the service.

I grew up in church (literally from diapers). I asked Jesus in my heart at such a young age. I have had times in my life since where I took a step away. Tried a few things on my own, only to realize I am not at my best without Him. He is the first one I talk to in the morning and the last before I go to bed. I have heard the Easter story for almost 40 years. I have read it, heard songs sung about it and watched plays acting out the scenes. Every time it gets me...right here (clutching my heart). My mother likes to tell the story of finding me sobbing in front of the tv watching one of those movies on Easter morning. I was three. "They are killing him....why," I was crying? Now I know why. I tell my children. I hold them while they shed tears over the selfless act. The pain, the suffering, the sacrifice...for ME...for THEM...for YOU. Wow. Thank you Jesus.


Sterling Dawn said...

you mean, for almost 30 years....

(you are not that old)

Mom said...

Yesterday was a really great day. The church service was awesome and so many people asked Jesus to live in their hearts. Then dinner was soooooo delicious (missed you Jackie and George) and the Passion movie was just another reminder of how much Jesus suffered to redeem us. It was good to have both of my girls, my Daddy, all of my grandkids, and all of my sons in laws (past, present and future)in church.