Tuesday, March 31, 2009

what was that noise?

by teresa

Sunday night as we sat watching tv around 9:40ish, we heard a loud boom.
I chalked it up to thunder and kept about my business.
Well, the next day I read that we were not the only one to hear this BOOM.
Apparently, folks from Va. to Maryland heard the mysterious noise and saw and accompanying bright light.
All the newspapers had interviews with people who had seen it, all the broadcasters gave their opinions of what it was. blah blah blah.
One of the articles online we read had comment boxes for readers to write in their explanations.

My favorite comments:

"Someone please tell me if this is the Rapture. I live in Portland, Oregon, so its not like anyone here would actually go missing."

"God’s mad that his warranty on his F150 is worth nothing after today."

"Madonna finally realized she’s fifty?"

"Dang, am I too late....are all the christian gone?"


Nanny Jackie said...

I thought it was thunder too.
LOL! Those comments are funny. Tell Nick it was "shape shifters" (he'll get it) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Keith and Missy heard it but I was oblivious. Granted this was time Keith was kicking my but in basketball on the PS3!


Mom said...

I like the comment about Madonna turning fifty.

Whatever it was, I'm sure glad it didn't hit us.