Friday, March 20, 2009

Lists and Brackets

By Chris

I have a mandate to blog this morning. Really. Got the call a little while ago: "write on the blog today," were the boss lady's instructions. She's busy doing the Easter egg project . . . and regular blogging is on her checklist, so here I am. Speaking of checklists, Teresa has left one of hers here on the desk. It's a pretty interesting glimpse into the life of my Superwoman (some are checked off, others not):
  • Yoo Hoo (I think it means the chocolate drink, not the joyful outburst)
  • Black soccer socks
  • Bracket
  • Prescript refill
  • Deposit checks
  • Talk to daughter about moving out!
I think I'll take care of the first and last items for her.

And, here's our first Green Family NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge Update. We all did brackets, and we're keeping score. 1 point for first round accuracy, 2 for second, etc. To make it even more interesting, we've added President Obama to our pool, since he's made his picks public. Ben was winning for a good part of the day, but the grown-ups have taken a small lead through day one:
  • Mom: 14
  • Dad: 14
  • Ben: 13
  • Lauren: 12
  • Nick: 11
  • Obama: 11

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