Tuesday, March 03, 2009

we finally got some snow

by teresa

A little white stuff blew in yesterday morning. Not enough for a snowman, but enough to delay schools by two hours. The kids had some time to slosh around the yard, make a couple of snowballs and ruin a pair of khakis. I did get three pictures of the fun before I darted back in the house to escape the frigid air.
Kaden on her first ever snow day.
Maya, peeking from the back door on her first ever snow day.
Kristian and Ben having a little fun before school. Notice they have no gloves, no hats or water proof shoes and their soaked through to their underthings. They are definitely not up on the correct snow fun attire, seeing as it is only an every five years kinda happening around these parts.


Mom said...

They are the cutest kids, and I love Kaden's coat. It's really warm.

It sure WAS freezing yesterday.
Thanks, George, for helping me get the truck door open so that I could go to work. I was about ready to give up on it.

Nanny Jackie said...

My car door was hard to open. I was thinking about using that as an excuse to not go to work, but, I got it opened. The kids are so cute!