Monday, March 23, 2009

you just can't mix alcohol and stupid

by teresa

Ben's game was super exciting...just like we wanted. They won 3 to 2 against our rival CUSC team. It was a little too exciting for some parents, who acted like 2 yr olds during and after the game (not our parents). Yelling for their kids to push ours down, running on the field to scream at our coach and chasing people down in the parking lot. Boy, can you see some interesting things at a childs' sporting event. It was so ridiculous, 911 was almost called and I was about to break out the pepper spray. Good grief! Can't wait to face them again!

I know alot of our readers play sports or have kids in sports....what are some of the crazy things you have seen while attending a game?


Ellen said...

I have been to one or two in my life and the scene I love is of the father screaming in the face of his child how awful the kid is at sports at life and how he BETTER do better...nothing like predestining your child to buy another shrink a lexus!! :o)

It is quite sad really. I happily stood in right field (knowing why I was in right field) with no one yelling at me in softball years ago.

I rambled - sorry...good post, teresa!

Karen said...

Scott and Kim. . . Too bad you missed this game!